2015 NordicTrack Exercise Bike Cyber Monday Deals

Cue the holiday tunes, grab your mug of hot chocolate, and break out your favorite sweats. It’s almost time for Cyber Monday once again. This Monday-after-Thanksgiving-online-shopping-event has given Black Friday a run for its money as pretty much everyone makes at least one or more of their holiday purchases online. Some people even do all of their shopping online, and why not when it’s easier than ever. It’s only natural that as ecommerce grows and more and more retailers rely on their websites to bring in customers that Cyber Monday would also become a bigger event.

Most of us prefer to do our shopping online, with some of the top reasons being saving time, additional variety, ease of comparing prices, lack of crowds, and lower prices. Time is money, especially around the busy holidays, so this is a saving in and of itself. With just weeks to go until the Cyber Monday online shopping holiday is upon us, it’s time to start making your holiday shopping list and checking it twice so you don’t miss out on special deals and sales. As the holidays approach, most of us are already scoping out the best deals on potential items to make our gift wish list, and if an exercise bike has made it on your list this year, you are in luck! There are few better times to shop for big ticket items than on Cyber Monday.

Exercise bikes make great gifts for a number of reasons. They are low-impact, fun and easy to use, and burn calories quite efficiently. Exercise bikes can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone as most come with adjustable features like an adjustable seat, and most also come with advanced consoles that provide lots of program variety to keep you going, even if you have never used an exercise bike before. Of course knowing what brand of exercise bike to buy can be a little overwhelming, but you can’t go wrong with NordicTrack. We highly recommend NordicTrack as a reliable brand that’s known for their award-winning fitness equipment and exercise bikes that are both versatile and affordable.

NordicTrack offers three series of exercise bikes that include a recumbent bike series and two stationary bike series (the Stationary Sport Series and the Upright Stationary Series). These models range in price from around $400 up to around $1000, but expect 2015 NordicTrack Exercise Bike Cyber Monday deals to cut those prices way down. These exercise bikes can easily meet a wide range of fitness goals, and they also come with great warranties and other special offers.

Make sure we are your top resource after doing your research and narrowing down your top picks. We promise to bring you the best deals as they are released, and remember, it’s almost always better to purchase your exercise bike direct from the manufacture which cuts out the middle man and therefore additional cost to you. Use our unbiased, trusted reviews to help you pick out the perfect gift this holiday season, and get ready to save big time for this Cyber Monday 2015.