A Recumbent Bike with iPad Apps & Green Power

LifeSpan R7000i Commercial Recumbent Bike Review

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LifeSpan R7000i Commercial Recumbent Bike Review

A Recumbent Bike with iPad Apps & Green Power

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LifeSpan R7000i Commercial Recumbent Bike Review
LifeSpan R7000i Commercial Recumbent Bike Review

The LifeSpan R7000i Commercial Recumbent Bike is sold with commercial and residential warranties. This comfortable ride has a 20-pound flywheel and a variety of preset workouts. It offers iPad integration for advanced tracking of health and workout data.

The comfortable and durable R7000i Commercial Recumbent Bike is LifeSpan’s top recumbent bike for this year. This low impact fitness machine is made to commercial standards, but warranties are available for both commercial and residential buyers. The R7000i can spin for up to 9/hours a day — and with self-generated energy, it won’t add to electricity bills.

The LifeSpan R7000i is suitable for weight loss, cardiovascular training and light to intermediate strength training. It has a 20-pound flywheel, 16 resistance levels, lots of built-in workouts, and iPad integration for fitness planning and tracking.

With an online discount the recumbent LifeSpan R7000i typically sells for $1,999, shipping included. Here are pros and cons of investing in this product.

The Great:
The LifeSpan R7000i Commercial Recumbent Bike has a long standard warranty, including five years of parts protection for residential buyers and two years for commercial gyms. Here are some reasons people choose this product.

  •     Sturdy Frame: The R7000i’s recumbent frame weighs about 140 pounds. It has a 400-pound user weight capacity.
  •     Console with Fitness Programs: This machine includes two programs that are controlled by heart rate. The console also has 17 workout programs grouped into categories: five for weight loss, five for healthy living and seven for sports training. These programs can be used with 16 resistance levels. Progress is shown on a colorful racetrack graphic.
  •     Media Holder: An integrated shelf can hold an iPad, Kindle or magazine.
  •     Exercise Data: Workout data are shown on the bike’s console, and users get more feedback than they would with a typical stationary bike. Additionally, the online LifeSpan Club can process health and exercise data from the bike’s USB drive or be synced wirelessly. This allows for advanced data processing and exercise planning. It also makes the machine’s estimate of calories burned more accurate.
  •     Heart Rate Monitoring: The LifeSpan R7000i includes contact grips on the arm rests. It has a wireless heart rate receiver too. (Chest strap sold separately.)
  •     Pedals: The pedals on the R7000i are oversized to let people reposition their feet. The pedals can be exchanged for other street bike and mountain bike pedals too.
  •     Adjustable Seat: The R7000i invites long workout sessions. It has a molded foam seat bottom and a flexible, ventilated seat back. The seat also features heart rate sensors, which are molded right into its soft armrests.
  •     Self-Generating Power: Commercial LifeSpan exercise bikes help facilities save on electricity costs. The R7000i makes the most of trainees’ energy, transferring it to the console! The R7000i can also power iPods and other devices via its USB port.
  •     Storage and Bottle Holder: A tray slightly behind the seat can hold a water bottle, keys and other small items. It might not be placed ideally, but it’s better than having no storage at all.
  •     Warranty: The discount price of $1999 (MSRP $2499) provides a choice of two warranties. Their value is average for the bike’s price. The residential warranty provides lifetime coverage for the frame, five years for parts and electronics, and two years of labor. Under commercial use, the frame has a 10-year guarantee. The parts and electronics are under warranty for two years, and labor is provided free for one year.

The Not-So-Great:

Here are some possible drawbacks of investing in the LifeSpan R7000i.

  • 20-Pound Flywheel: Twenty pounds is a common flywheel weight, but it’s not on the heavier end of the spectrum. It makes this bike great for rehab, weight loss and aerobic training — but not the best choice for advanced strength training or prepping for road competition.
  • No Cooling Fan: A cooling fan would help people work out even longer.

Who Should Ride the LifeSpan R7000i Recumbent Commercial Bike?

The recumbent LifeSpan R7000i caters to people doing rehab, and those who have foot pain — but its comfortable frame appeals to just about anyone seeking guided fitness training at the beginner and intermediate levels. It offers low-impact exercise that’s smart for just about anyone’s body, and it will especially please people who are hungry for data.

The Bottom Line

The LifeSpan R7000i Commercial Recumbent Bike can be counted on for hassle-free operation in a commercial gym. It’s a comfortable choice for rehabilitative training or general use. The bike is adjustable and can help riders establish effective fitness programs.

The sale price makes sense for commercial settings. However, residential and light commercial buyers, could definitely spend less for great workouts. An upright bike to see for comparison is the Sole LCR Light Commercial. It has a lower price than the LifeSpan R7000i Commercial Recumbent Bike, but it sports a heavier drive and has a sound system for MP3s.

LifeSpan R7000i Commercial Recumbent Bike Specs:

Overall Score:8.5
Resistance:16 Resistance Levels
Flywheel:20 LBS
Weight Capacity:400 LBS
Dimensions:69.25" L x 27.5" W x 49.75" H