A Back-to-Basics Residential Indoor Bike with 40-Lb. Flywheel

LifeSpan S2 Indoor Bike Review

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LifeSpan S2 Indoor Bike Review

A Back-to-Basics Residential Indoor Bike with 40-Lb. Flywheel

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LifeSpan S2 Indoor Bike Review
LifeSpan S2 Indoor Bike Review

The LifeSpan S2 is a no-frills indoor bike designed for serious cyclists. It features a 40-pound flywheel, adjustable handlebars, and an adjustable saddle. This bike accepts pedals from any standard road bike, allowing for SPD compatibility.

The LifeSpan S2 Indoor Bike is LifeSpan Fitness’s only cycle trainer. Cycle trainers are especially designed to support serious bikers — people who love to ride outdoors, but sometimes want or need to train inside. Most important to this demographic is getting a sense of momentum and riding in the right gear; less important are nonessentials like workout programs and on-board entertainment. The S2 also appeals to non-bikers who are looking to lose weight, build strength and get more muscle definition.

The LifeSpan S2 has a 40-pound flywheel to help replicate the sensation of riding a road bike. This is comparable to some other stationary bikes that advertise 30 or 40 digital resistance levels. However, the S2’s tension is adjusted with a knob, letting trainees get more customized resistance.

Rather simple pedals are provided here, but they can be replaced with the rider’s favorite SPD-compatible pedals or any other pedals that fit standard road bikes. The bike seat can also be exchanged with one for any standard bicycle.

With an online discount the LifeSpan S2 Indoor Cycle typically sells for just $499, shipping included. The full price is $799. Here are pros and cons about the purchase.

The Great:
  • Heavy Flywheel: The 40-pound flywheel and sturdy frame make the LifeSpan S2 ideal for competitive training. Precision balanced, the flywheel quietly adjusts to different resistance levels and produces the sensation of being in-gear like on a road bike.
  • Adjustable Seat: The S2 invites long workout sessions. It has a molded foam seat bottom and a flexible, ventilated seat back that can tilt to different angles. The seat can be moved forward and backward to accommodate most adult heights. It also features contact heart rate sensors, which are molded into its armrests.
  • Adjustable Handlebars:  The handlebars have three positions. They are treated for no-slip gripping.
  • Transport Wheels: Wheels are mounted at the front of the bike, making it easy to relocate.

The Not-So-Great:

This is a durable fitness machine, but it’s not a luxury trainer. Here are some potential drawbacks of owning or using the LifeSpan S2 Indoor Bike.

  • Unknown Weight Capacity: We haven’t heard any complaints about these frames breaking down. Still, the S2’s weight capacity is not advertised and the frame has a short warranty. LifeSpan’s other bike frames have lifetime warranties.
  • Basic Pedals:  LifeSpan doesn’t boast about their pedals’ ergonomics. It’s possible that there’s nothing to brag about. The pedals on the S2 are very basic and some owners have called them cheap. The pedals can be swapped with those of any regular road bike. For comparison, more expensive stationary bikes feature pedals that are better cushioned, oversized, and have toe cages. Some are dual sided: They’re SPD compatible on one side and designed for standard shoes on the other.
  • No Exercise Data: Unlike most stationary bikes, this unit doesn’t provide information about distance, time, calories, speed, heart rate, etc. With all of the other LifeSpan bikes, you can upload the data for online graphing… but those aren’t cycle trainers with heavy drives. If you’d like the combination of a heavy flywheel and workout data, check out the Sole Fitness SB700 and SB900.
  • Short Warranty: The S2 has LifeSpan’s weakest bike warranty. For the bike’s purchase price of $499 to $799, the buyer gets just five years of coverage for the frame, one year with free labor on most parts, and 90 days for wear items such as the pedals. For comparison, normally we see lifetime coverage for an indoor cycle frame, and that includes other LifeSpan bikes. It’s also a red flag when we see a special note about wear items such as the pedals. (On the other hand, you might not be concerned about the cheap pedals if you intend to swap them out!)

Who Should Ride the LifeSpan S2 Indoor Cycle?

The LifeSpan S2 is designed with competitive cyclists in mind. It’s the sort of stationary bike that an avid cyclist might choose because it replicates the momentum achieved with outdoor bikes. This machine has great power, so it can also be used for advanced strength training, as well as cardio training and weight loss like other stationary bikes.

The Bottom Line

The LifeSpan S2 Indoor Cycle is a durable no-frills stationary bike that closely approximates the feel of riding an outdoor bicycle. Although its warranty is very short, the product has overwhelmingly satisfied owners. It is a good low-cost option for people who aren’t seeking the nonessential features found on many other of the other top choice bikes.

LifeSpan S2 Indoor Bike Specs:

Overall Score:8
Type:Indoor Cycle
Resistance:Simple Resistance Knob
Flywheel:40 LBS
Weight Capacity:300 LBS
Dimensions:44" L x 22" W x 44" H