NordicTrack GX5.5 Sport Bike Review

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NordicTrack GX5.5 Sport Bike

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NordicTrack GX5.5 Sport Bike Review
NordicTrack GX5.5 Sport Bike

The NordicTrack GX5.5 Sport Bike is an excellent piece of equipment that is built with quality parts and lots of options. The console offerings aren't the greatest, but the overall design and functionality of the bike can't be beat.

Built to create a “realistic cycling experience,” the GX5.5 Sport is an indoor sport cycle with comfort and convenience features, retailing for an affordable $799.

This bike is all about customization with an adjustable cushioned saddle, adjustable handlebars, and adjustable resistance. The “aerobar-style” handlebars are ergonomically designed and come with padded elbow pads for additional support; and the pedals feature toe cages and straps for a high-performance, comfortable experience!

A super heavy, powerful 48 pound inertia-enhanced flywheel drives this model, and the chain drive system can withstand weights of up to 300 pounds with no slippage or friction. NordicTrack will also cover the lifetime of the commercial-grade steel frame.

The Great:
  • Multiple Adjustable Features: The GX5.5 Sport is equipped with an adjust saddle that can be moved horizontally and vertically, adjustable handlebars to fit your individual height, and an adjustable resistance knob to adjust the resistance conveniently while working out.
  • Powerful Drive System/Flywheel: This model features a heavy 48 pound inertia-enhanced flywheel and chain drive system. The model that this one replaced used a belt drive system so this is an improvement to the GX5.5 Sport. With a chain drive system, there’s a higher life expectancy and lower maintenance.
  • Wireless Chest Pulse Included: Easily monitor your heart rate wirelessly with the wireless chest pulse strap that is included with this model. This is the most effective way to monitor, track, and record your heart rate to ensure effective workout results.
  • Comfort Features : From the non-slip ergonomically designed handlebars to the pedals with toe cages and straps, the GX5.5 Sport is all about comfort. There are elbow pads to support your upper body, and also a cushioned saddle, so it’s easy to build up your endurance when you don’t have to keep stopping for pain or discomfort that other indoor bikes can cause.
  • Free DVD: Included with this model is a free DVD with tons of workouts to follow along with. Since this model lacks any “high-tech” features or entertainment options on the console, this is a nice compromise, and a great way to get started if you are a beginner who might need some ideas on how to reach your workout/fitness goals.
  • Affordable: For well under $1000, you get a reliable, sturdy, and highly customizable piece of equipment from a reputable brand. You also get lifetime coverage on the solid steel frame; not a bad deal at all!

The Not-So-Great:
  • Noisy: While there are many benefits to the chain drive system, there is one drawback: noise. This model can be a little noisier than others, so just keep that in mind. It’s by no means loud but it can be heard from another room close by.
  • Lacks some Console Basics: The exact display screen dimensions are undisclosed, but from the looks, it’s not too small. However; there are some missing basics like a built-in cooling fan or any audio options. Most people use their smart phones to stream music now, and there is a small tablet reading rack, but it’s something to note. Also, you just get the basics here with simple workout readouts.
  • Lacks Built-in Workout Programs: The DVD that is included with this workout replaces the need for workout programs built into the console, but if you aren’t near a television, you can’t use the DVD and you have no workout programs to choose from. By not including built-in workout programs, you also lack the option for heart rate based programs.

Who should use the NordicTrack GX5.5 Sport Bike?

This indoor sport bike offers a realistic cycling experience that almost anyone can enjoy with its multiple adjustable features and extra attention to comfort features. The GX5.5 Sport should be used by anyone looking for a low-impact way to get fit, and it’s very budget-friendly too.

The Bottom Line

The NordicTrack GX5.5 Sport Bike is an excellent piece of equipment that is built with quality parts and lots of options. The console offerings aren’t the greatest, but the overall design and functionality of the bike can’t be beat. This bike is one that we would recommend as it comes with a great warranty, and from a reputable brand. Bottom line: the GX5.5 Sport is an impressive indoor bike that doesn’t cut corners when it comes to comfort and convenience.

NordicTrack GX5.5 Sport Bike Specs:

Overall Score:8.5
Type:Indoor Cycle
Resistance:Adjustible Resistance
Flywheel:48 LBS
Weight Capacity:300 LBS
Dimensions:46.8" L x 19.5" W x 54.5" H