This exercise bike is the middle model in the ProForm Studio series. When on sale, this is a great bike for those interested in virtual group cycle.

ProForm Studio Bike Pro Review

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ProForm Studio Pro Review

This exercise bike is the middle model in the ProForm Studio series. When on sale, this is a great bike for those interested in virtual group cycle.

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ProForm Studio Bike Pro Review
ProForm Studio Pro Review

Featuring a 10” HD screen with connections for pro coaching, the ProForm Studio Pro Exercise Bike is among the most motivating fitness machines on the market. Modern on-board training support includes daily spin classes from a LiveCast exercise studio, all the health and fitness benefits of iFit Coach Plus membership with Google Maps bike tours, and more. Overall the Studio Series makes it easy to own your own exercise bike and get the custom training benefits of a membership gym with workout guidance both on and off your bike.

The Studio Pro is the mid-priced model between the basic Studio bike and the deluxe Studio Pro 22 bike with 22″ screen. Compared with the top-of-the-line Studio Pro 22, the Studio Pro Exercise Bike is identical except for its smaller screen. Riders get the same health and fitness support, the same adjustable seating and multi-position handlebars, and the same range of smooth magnetic resistance.

Serious uphill and downhill training options are included here too: Challenge yourself with maximum 20% inclines and declines! You can virtually experience the rise and fall of real landscapes by running Google Maps programs with your iFit membership.

Additional perks of choosing this ride are listed below. We raise a few potential downsides too, but all in all the Studio Pro could keep most riders challenged and motivated for years.

The Great:
  • 10” Touchscreen with Swivel: A 10” touchscreen with HD display is built into the indoor cycle for convenient access to streaming video classes from LiveCast, which you can access on-demand. SmartSwivel™ Design for the screen lets you watch exercise classes from either side of the bike.
  • LiveCast Classes: LiveCast classes are filmed in a vibrant gym studio and led by world-class certified pros. You can access a new bike routine every day and experience the same motivating energy of an in-person spin class. Additionally with LiveCast you can stream exercise classes in many other categories; just flip the 10” screen to watch as you exercise across the room. It’s like having a membership gym but with classes on your schedule.
  • iFit Coach Plus: Studio bikes are sold with one-year memberships to iFit® Coach Plus. Each membership lets up to four users get personalized adaptive coaching in the areas of exercise and other activity, nutrition and sleep. For use with iFit the Studio Pro Exercise Bike arrives with a wearable iFit device that can track your steps, monitor your heart rate, deliver motivating messages and suggestions, and more.
  • Incline/Decline: Add challenge to your workouts and burn more calories by cycling at an incline. The Studio Pro has the same performance as the widescreen Studio Pro 22, and that includes a generous incline-decline range. With slope settings from -20% to +20% you can train for the Tour de France or any outdoor ride: By drawing a route in iFit with Google Maps, you can direct the bike to replicate real topography.
  • Upper Body Exercise: ProForm Studio bikes make it easy to train your whole body at once. The Studio Pro is packaged with 3-lb weights for upper body strengthening during your rides or off-the-bike exercise. Dumbbell holders are attached to the bike for convenience.
  • Frictionless Resistance: Studio bikes use patented Silent Magnetic Resistance. Unlike the audible contact braking and chains on some other indoor cycles, magnetic resistance lets you adjust your training intensity without raising the noise volume in your home.
  • Comfortable Seating: To ensure comfortable seating the Studio bike saddle is padded and has adjustable positioning (4” forward/backward, 13” up/down) to suit riders of many different heights. The seat also has a universal stem; it’s interchangeable with standard bike seats for a custom design.
  • Two Pedal Choices: Like the bike seat, the ProForm Studio Pro pedals are interchangeable. The included pedals give you a choice of toe clips and toe straps.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: The handlebars are adjustable 10.5” vertically and 3.5″ horizontally. They can rotate too to support an upright position or more aggressive drop position.
  • Watts Display: In addition to showing heart rate, the Studio Pro shows Watts to monitor your exertion level. The round Watts display with color-coded lights makes it easy to see whether you’re exercising in your Endurance, Tempo or Peak zone.
  • Water Bottle Holder: To make hydration convenient a bottle holder is integrated with the bike frame.
  • High Capacity: ProForm Studio exercise bikes can hold up to 350 pounds.
  • Easy to Move: Transport wheels and levelers are included, making it easy to move your fitness machine and use it safely on imperfect ground.
  • Warranty: The warranty is satisfactory for the bike’s sale price. It provides lifetime coverage for the frame, three years for parts and one year for labor.

The Not-So-Great:
  • High-Tech: If you aren’t comfortable with computers, this might not be the best exercise bike for you. Learning to use all the features might take some patience.
  • Smaller Screen: The 10” touchscreen delivers beautiful full-color views, but it’s not as engaging when set alongside the 22” screen of the upgrade to this model, the Studio Pro 22.
  • Extra Cost: iFit Coach Plus helps make the most of this bike. To help get you hooked on the personal training and other features, ProForm starts you off with a year-long subscription at $39/month, billed annually.


The Studio Pro is built to fit almost any body size; the handlebars, seat, pedals and resistance can all be customized. It’s ideal for trainees who will take advantage of personalized coaching and on-demand studio classes. This model is best for workout goals of weight management, muscle toning and cardiovascular health.

The Bottom Line

The Studio Pro Exercise Bike is a very appealing mid-priced option for home gyms. The bike has comfortable seating, is built to fit teens and adults of all sizes and strengths, and is protected with a three-year parts warranty. The LiveCast classes let you virtually experience a world-class gym environment, and iFit Coach Plus delivers everything from tailored recipe suggestions to customized outdoor tours. Not a bad deal! While the pricier Studio Pro 22 is even more enticing for its extra-wide screen, the model in this review would be more than enough motivation for regular exercise in most households.