This exercise bike is the entry level model in the ProForm Studio Bike series.

ProForm Studio Review

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ProForm Studio Bike Review

This exercise bike is the entry level model in the ProForm Studio Bike series.

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ProForm Studio Review
ProForm Studio Review

What’s a major obstacle to exercise? Finding time for the gym. And so, sale priced at just $999, the Studio Exercise Bike by ProForm is an eye-catching solution for people who are serious about following through with fitness plans. With personalized coaching and on-demand LiveCast exercise classes for on and off the bike, the Studio Bike provides everything you need for cardio training, strength training, fitness tracking and more. It can even integrate with Google Maps to simulate the topography of any route you draw.

The ProForm Studio Exercise Bike is the entry-level model in a series of three. Other choices are the Studio Pro and Studio Pro 22. These have 10″ and 22″ touch-screens, respectively. The $999 Studio Exercise Bike costs significantly less mainly because the rider adds their own tablet computer. The other difference is the incline/decline range. The Studio lets you ride at up to 15% incline or decline. The more expensive bikes in this series have more dramatic maximum uphill and downhill slopes of 20%.

Generous adjustability for the saddle and handlebars help make this bike an ideal fit for a wide range of riders. The factory-direct purchase is protected with a lifetime frame warranty, three-year parts warranty and one-year labor agreement.

The Great:
  • Incline/Decline: ProForm Studio exercise bikes are among the few to simulate uphill and downhill routes by physically tilting the frame. Give your muscles an extra challenge and rev up your metabolism for ultra-efficient workouts! Riding on the Studio Exercise Bike, you can practice for outdoor routes with up to to 15% incline and decline.
  • Upper Body Exercise: To help you train your whole body in one workout session, ProForm ships the Studio with a pair of 3-lb dumbbells. A holder is attached to the bike frame for easy access during workouts.
  • LiveCast Classes: With your own tablet computer docked above the console, you’ll have an eye-level view of LiveCast spin classes. A new class is filmed in an energizing gym studio setting every day. You can access spin classes on demand, plus you’ll have access to other cardio and strength workout programs, all led by world-class certified fitness professionals.
  • Swivel Display: Bike studio workouts from LiveCast can include off-the-bike exercise for cross training. When your trainer prompts you to leave the seat, you can turn the whole console 180° and tilt it up or down for a perfect view of the class. And besides having your tablet computer for streaming video, you’ll get ProForm’s round Watts display with large easy-to-read feedback about your performance.
  • iFit Coach Plus: New ProForm Studio bike owners sign up for a year of iFit Coach Plus, which is a comprehensive health and fitness system. Every day you’ll receive a new video workout that’s filmed in a stunning scenic setting and chosen because it fits your fitness goals and ability. iFit members can virtually exercise with one another, experience any Google Maps route with incline and decline, take part in challenges, get help with menu planning and get many additional benefits. With purchase of this bike you’ll also get an iFit wrist device that can track your exercise activity, make snack suggestions and do much more.
  • Adjustable Handlebars and Seat: The handlebars are adjustable for your body size; move them up, down, forward and back. They can also rotate for your preferred riding position (upright or racing). The padded seat is also adjustable both vertically (13″) and horizontally (4″). It has a universal stem for bike owners who’d like to customize their rides.
  • Custom Pedals: The pedals have shoe clips on one side and toe straps on the other, giving you two choices from secure rides at top intensity. The pedals are also interchangeable with those of standard road bikes.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: The ProForm Studio Exercise Bike has a wireless heart rate receiver. Chest straps are sold separately.
  • Frictionless Resistance: Instead of contact brakes, Studio bikes use Silent Magnetic Resistance for durability and quiet performance.
  • Water Bottle Holder: A water bottle holder is built into the Studio 10.0 frame.
  • Easy to Move: Front-mounted transport wheels make it easy to move the bike out of the way after exercise.
  • High Capacity: The bike’s weight capacity is 350 pounds.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer’s warranty is competitive for a $999 bike: lifetime on the frame, three years for parts, and one year for labor.

The Not-So-Great:
  • Needs a Web Connection: This bike is meant for homes that have strong WiFi connections. If your connection is slow or unreliable, accessing the streaming courses and Google Maps workouts could be time-consuming.
  • Not Like a Road Bike: As mentioned above, this bike uses quiet magnetic resistance. Sometimes avid cyclists prefer indoor cycle bikes with handlebar shifting and chains to better simulate the outdoor experience.
  • Extra Cost for iFit: iFit Coach Plus costs extra, and you’ll be locked into a year of membership with purchase of the Studio bike.


Studio bikes, inspired by the Tour de France, are meant for riders seeking intense exercise. Each model in the series can accommodate riders of many different heights and up to 350 pounds. The Studio Exercise Bike can be a great tool for burning calories, building whole-body strength with cross training, and toning your heart.

The Bottom Line

Sale priced just under $1,000 the Studio is a new favorite among ProForm’s discount exercise bikes. The advertised $999 price is a bit misleading though; buyers agree to a 12-month “virtual gym” membership with iFit Coach Plus. This model could be one of your best bike picks from the Studio Series if you already own a tablet computer for use with exercise classes. Otherwise you might prefer an upgraded bike with its own 10″ or 22″ viewing screen.