A Simpler Version of the Official Tour de France Training Bike

ProForm Tour de France Pro 2.0 Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

7.5Total Score
ProForm TDF Pro 2.0 Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

A Simpler Version of the Official Tour de France Training Bike

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ProForm Tour de France Pro 2.0 Indoor Cycle Trainer Review
ProForm Tour de France Pro 2.0 Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

The ProForm TDF Pro 2.0 Cycle Trainer is remarkably feature-rich and meant to emulate the sensation of outdoor biking. With so many advanced features though, this indoor bike has extra opportunities for faulty operation.

The new ProForm Tour de France Pro 2.0 Indoor Cycle Trainer is incredibly feature-rich yet arrives with no assembly required. Advertised as “the ultimate endurance trainer,” this indoor bike was developed with Tour de France organizers and is part of the official indoor training bike series for the race. It is designed to emulate the feel of a regular road bike. This is accomplished not only with its weighted flywheel, but with a 20% incline/decline and the simulation of 24 real bike routes.

These indoor bikes offer a wonderfully unique combination of smooth engineering, race coaching and online entertainment. Our rating of “6” for quality reflects that sometimes the TDF Pro 2.0 works and sometimes it doesn’t. Here are some specifics to consider.

The Great:
  • Realistic Shifting: Unlike an upright stationary bike, a cycle trainer like the Pro 2.0 rides like a road bike and has handlebar shifting. Its gear ratios can be customized to feel like those on a regular road bike.
  • Incline/Decline: The 20% incline/decline is one of our favorite features on the TDF Pro 2.0. The bike will automatically adjust to simulate the rise and fall of a real-life route! You can choose from race routes that are preloaded on the console, draw a unique route with the Google Maps app, or let the machine interact with a customized iFit workout.
  • Preset Race Routes: Train for the world’s most popular bike races with this ProForm cycle trainer. It is programmed to replicate the rise and fall of 24 tour routes.
  • Colorful Touchscreen: The TDF Pro 2.0 is topped with a 7″ full-color touchscreen. You can easily access iFit (membership required) and the 24 preset tour apps.
  • iFit: With an iFit membership a rider can automatically chart workout data, download new workouts, and virtually ride anywhere mapped by Google Maps. The street view streams to the 7″ screen.
  • Adjustable: The handlebars and seating have vertical adjustment.
  • Pedals with Cages: To help with grip and stability, the pedals have toe cages and straps.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: The ProForm TDF Pro 2.0 has a wireless heart rate receiver.
  • Dual Water Bottle Holder: A holder for two water bottles is integrated with the bike frame.
  • Sound System: A set of 2″ speakers is built into the console. Riders can hook up an iPod or other compatible MP3 player.
  • High Capacity: The user weight capacity is 350 pounds.
  • Easy to Move: Transporting this hefty unit is relatively easy thanks to front-mounted transport wheels. Levelers are included too.

The Not-So-Great:
  • Time-Consuming to Adjust: Adjusting the seat and handlebars takes longer with this bike than with others and requires tool use. With a typical indoor cycle trainer, it’s quick and easy to adjust the seat and handlebars for different riders.
  • Warranty: The $2,499 purchase price includes a 10-year frame warranty and one-year parts and labor warranty. A machine costing $2,499 should include more generous consumer protections. (For instance, we recently posted reviews for some less-than-$1,000 cycle trainers that have three-year parts warranties.) The short warranty on the ProForm TDF Pro is especially a detraction.

The ProForm TDF Pro 2.0 cycle is meant for cyclists who want the feel of a road bike. It reaches far beyond that demographic too, serving up intense weight loss programs and cardio training to people at introductory and intermediate biking levels.

The Bottom Line

Almost anyone would enjoy riding the ProForm Tour de France Pro 2.0 with many exciting features. We’d certainly like to see a more generous warranty, however.

ProForm Tour de France Pro 2.0 Indoor Cycle Trainer Specs:

Overall Score:7.5
Type:Indoor Cycle
Resistance:Silent Magnetic
Flywheel:Inertia Enhanced Flywheel
Weight Capacity:350 LBS
Dimensions:64" L x 25" W x 56" H