A Very Low-Priced Trainer for Arms, Legs & Core

Stamina InStride Total Body Cycle Review

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Stamina InStride Total Body Cycle Review

A Very Low-Priced Trainer for Arms, Legs & Core

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Stamina InStride Total Body Cycle Review
Stamina InStride Total Body Cycle Review

The very affordable Pro InStride Total Body Cycle provides light resistance via hand pedaling and foot pedaling. It has been recognized by the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use.

Considering its ultra-low price, the Stamina Pro InStride Total Body Cycle is a surprisingly good value. It’s even approved by the Arthritis Foundation, who gave it an Ease-of-Use Commendation. This basic trainer for the arms, legs and core has pedals for hands or feet. With different levels of tension, it helps people cycle their arms or legs for rehabilitative training and muscle toning. Just pull up a chair and start moving!

Resistance or tension on this product is rather gentle. Overall the Pro InStride Total Body Cycle is a fine way to burn calories, rehabilitate muscles, and maintain or enhance muscle tone. However, it’s not designed to help people “bulk up” or get intense workouts. In user reviews, satisfied customers include people with arthritis, MS and leg injuries.

The Stamina Pro InStride Total Body Cycle costs less than $99 with shipping included. Here’s a point-by-point review of its features.

The Great:
Despite costing so little, the Stamina Pro InStride Total Body Cycle gets enthusiastic reviews from most customers. These buyers understood from the start that they were choosing a very basic product. Here are some of the features that people appreciate.

  • Adjustable Tension: Work out your arms and legs with adjustable tension. The uppermost tension levels aren’t very powerful, but a workout can still burn calories and tone muscles.
  • Quiet Operation: The Stamina InStride Pro Total Body Cycle is office-friendly. The moving parts have quiet operation.
  • Bring Your Own Seating: The cycle is appealing for its “bring your own chair” aspect. There’s no worry about falling from a high seat, and your seating choices can be very comfortable.
  • Easy Assembly: Assembly is straightforward and quick. Expect to spend about 15 minutes on set-up.
  • Weighted Pedals: Pedals on the Stamina InStride Pro Total Body Cycle have straps for safety. On some of these units, the pedals are weighted for better stability too. The model with weighted pedals is #15-0176. The one without weighted pedals (not recommended) is #15-0175.
  • Portable: This unit weighs about 10 pounds. It can easily be collapsed for storing.
  • Compact: The Stamina requires very little space. The assembled size is 20″ long x 16″ wide x 40″ high.
  • Warranty: Stamina sells this item with a one-year frame warranty and 90-day parts warranty. That seems fair since this trainer costs less than $100.

The Not-So-Great:

The Stamina InStride Pro is not recommended for everyone. Its range of motion is a bit short for certain rehab purposes. Also, elderly or infirm people might not feel so secure using this product.

Overall though, criticism would only come when comparing this product with stationary bikes or expensive total body trainers like the Yowza Naples. That’s not fair, but we’ll do it anyway! Keep these factors in mind.


  • Very Light Resistance: The Stamina Instride Pro Total Body Cycle has adjustable resistance, but the highest level isn’t very challenging. It is appropriate for rehab and to help keep muscles in shape. It’s not for vigorous training or serious strength development.
  • Possible Wobbling: This product only weighs 15 pounds. Its base is not weighted, which makes it prone to wobbling. The wobble is most likely when the arm cycle is used at its highest tension.
  • No Console with Programming or Data: ¬†Trainees are on their own in terms of workouts. There’s no console with built-in exercise routines. Also, no data are provided about workout time, calories burned and so forth.
  • No Onboard Entertainment: Unlike many stationary bikes and total body trainers, the Stamina Total Body Cycle does not have speakers for MP3 players, an Internet connection, a magazine rack or other distractions to help time fly.

Who Should Choose the Stamina Pro InStride Total Body Cycle?

The Stamina Pro InStride Total Body Cycle is made for people seeking very gentle exercise. It can help with physical rehabilitation and maintaining muscle tone. Using the Total Body Cycle is also a convenient way to burn extra calories while watching TV or taking a quick break at the office.

The Bottom Line

The Stamina Pro InStride Total Body Cycle is a bargain at its $69 online sale price. This product has absolutely no frills but meets its objective: offering light resistance for toning the arms, legs and core body. Portable and ready to use with your favorite chair, it will likely get lots of use.