A Stationary Hybrid Bike with Preset Workouts

Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 Hybrid Review

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Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 Recumbent Hybrid Review

A Stationary Hybrid Bike with Preset Workouts

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Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 Hybrid Review
Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 Recumbent Hybrid Review

The Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 Recumbent Bike offers more power on the downstroke compared with other low-resistance recumbent bikes. This unique fitness machine has its seat tilted to 45 degrees for a hybrid upright/recumbent experience. It has seven program modes and eight levels of resistance.

The Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 combines features of recumbent bikes and upright bikes. This stationary bike lets riders lean back recumbent-style, yet with an angled seat they get the sensation of pedaling an upright bicycle. The 45 degree tilt gives people more power on the downstroke compared with similarly-powered recumbents. There are eight resistance levels, which are relatively low yet challenging to many riders. Progress through seven program modes is shown on a basic LCD.

All Recumbent bikes with low resistance are especially beneficial to people with arthritis or other limitations on movement. Using a recumbent instead of an upright can be smart for anyone though since it has a lower impact on the body. On this model, two preset programs target fat burn in particular.

The Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100’s list price is $499. The purchase includes a five-year frame warranty and 90 days of parts coverage, plus protection against defective products. Here’s a feature-by-feature review.

The Great:
This recumbent stationary bike gets great reviews from some of its owners, who especially like its unique hybrid design. Is this the right bike for you? Here are some features that satisfied customers like about the Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100.

  • Hybrid Design: With its tilted seat, this fitness machine offers the comfort of a recumbent bike and the extra muscle recruitment of an upright bike.
  • Workout Programs: The six preset workouts are named Fat Burn, Maximum Fat Burn, Aerobic, Hill, Mountain and Plateau. There’s also a manual mode.
  • Workout Data: The Magnetic 7100’s LCD shows heart rate, distance, elapsed time, speed and calories. Choose which information to see or let the computer rotate the data.
  • Frame Design: The Stamina 7100 has a steel frame with maximum 300-pound user weight capacity. With its walk-through design, the machine is easier to access than a traditional stationary bike.
  • Moderate Resistance: This bike has tension levels from 1 to 8. The tension is too low for intense strength training, but appropriate for rehab, calorie burn and toning the lower body.
  • Quiet Operation: Using magnetic resistance, the Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent 7100 operates very quietly.
  • Water Bottle Holder: A water bottle holder is conveniently attached to the bike frame.
  • Transport Wheels: This bike has wheels for easy relocation.
  • Stabilizers: Leveling stabilizer caps help keep the bike stable on uneven surfaces.
  • Weight Capacity: The maximum user weight capacity is 300 pounds.
  • Assembly: Customers generally find that this machine is straightforward to assemble.

The Not-So-Great:

This bike generally pleases people when it works as advertised. Some customers report receiving damaged machines or shipments that are missing some parts. Sometimes parts stop working after a few months too. Here are some other possible drawbacks.

  • Inaccurate Heart Rate: The Fusion 7100 uses a touch sensor to measure heart rate. Touch sensors are often inaccurate compared with medical-quality heart rate monitors.
  • Imperfect Machines: Quality control and packaging for all Stamina bikes could be improved. Sometimes the packages arrive with damaged or missing parts.
  • Warranty: The short 90-day parts warranty is a concern. It isn’t a good fit for a product that costs $499. The frame has a five-year warranty. There’s also a general guarantee against defective products. If you do buy this bike, open the package right away and make sure that all parts are there, and that none are faulty.

Who Should Ride the Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 Recumbent Bike?

The Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 Recumbent Bike is designed for lower-intensity workouts, but it offers more power on the downstroke compared with other recumbent designs. Some people will find it very challenging at the higher tension levels although this is an entry-level exercise bike. This product is best for people who are concerned about overstraining, but still want to drop weight and tone their bodies.

The Bottom Line

The Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 Recumbent Bike has a unique design that many owners enjoy. It provides body-friendly support like a recumbent bike, but it rides more like an upright bike, letting riders put extra power into the downstroke. The simple programming is effective and motivating.

This bike’s uniqueness definitely adds to its appeal. However, Stamina’s short warranty combined with occasional hassles holds us back. A short policy is acceptable on their $299 bikes, but moving up to $499 that’s a risky deal! Another ride to consider is the Epic A17r Recumbent Bike. It’s priced around $500, has a one-year parts warranty (not just 90 days), and has many more features than the Magnetic Fusion 7100 — including wireless heart rate monitoring and infinite workout downloads.