Indoor Bike with lot's of quality and minimal features.

True Bike MS Cycling Bike

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True Bike MS Cycling Bike Review

Indoor Bike with lot's of quality and minimal features.

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True Bike MS Cycling Bike
True Bike MS Cycling Bike Review

The solid indoor bike from True fitness is great value for a quality indoor cycle that's purely quality and not unusable features.

True Fitness designed the Bike MS Cycling Bike to promote the cycling community’s biggest charitable cause, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Since 1946 this nonprofit has raised more than $1 billion to support MS research and advocate for people confronting the disease. The National MS Society holds more than 100 Bike MS rides in the US each year, and the True Bike MS Cycling Bike ($1099) helps promote their cause. Adjustable for a wide range of users and riding styles, the Bike MS has multiple saddle settings and multi-position handlebars. It’s meant for serious training, but it can serve beginners as well as competitive cyclists.

  • As a cycling bike or “spin bike” the True Bike MS is especially suited to training for outdoor rides.
    Compared with recumbent exercise bikes it brings higher-impact motion… and compared with traditional upright bikes, it performs more like a road bike.
  • True’s Bike MS also allows more intense exercise compared with standard upright and recumbent rides.
  • Its resistance system is comparable to a more than 45-pound flywheel – at least 20 pounds more than other types of indoor bikes – and it builds inertia as if you were on the road.
    Also to mimic outdoor bikes, the Bike MS pedals have clips for cycling shoes, and the saddle can be replaced with any standard road bike saddle.

Any complaints about the True Bike MS? A main drawback is the short warranty on parts and labor. We’d also be cautious about buying this model before more customer reviews are in; it hasn’t been on the market for long. Better value for a similar price is often available from Sole Fitness; you can see our review of their SB900 for comparison.

Here are points to consider as you compare True’s Cycling Bike with its competitors.

The Great:
  • Replicates a Road Bike: More than other types of exercise bikes, indoor cycle trainers help you train for outdoor rides by replicating an on-the-road sensation. The resistance system is key, and with the Bike MS you get an impressive inertia equivalent of 46.2 pounds. A tension knob between the handlebars lets you set very precise resistance. For comparison, with a traditional exercise bike you’ll get a 25-pound flywheel (less optimized for strength training and “spinning”) and about 20 resistance settings.
  • Multi-Position Handlebars: Adjustable handlebars on the MS Bike help it fit different riders, plus they let you ride with different poses to train your muscles more dynamically. Foam grips cover the bars to help minimize fatigue and extend your endurance.
  • Adjustable Saddle: Customized seating can make the difference between giving up and “giving your all.” True’s cycling bike saddle can be moved both vertically and horizontally. Making adjustments is easy with slide-and-lock levers (no tools required). You can also exchange the seat with one for standard road bikes.
  • Pedal Clips: With serious cyclists in mind the True Cycling Bike has pedal clips. Straps or toe cages may also be included.
  • Compact Dimensions: True’s MS Bike is relatively compact compared with other exercise bikes and cross trainers in general. Its footprint measures just 22” wide and 53” long. This unit is made for easy storage between workouts too; transport wheels are attached to the front; just tilt the bike to set them in action.
  • Modern Design: While most indoor bikes have gray or black frames, the True cycling trainer is painted white and accented with a light blue and orange theme to help promote the National MS Society.
  • High Capacity: The maximum user weight for this bike is 350 pounds. That’s a higher weight capacity than the usual for indoor cycling bikes.
  • Easy Assembly: Assembling this bike is easy with illustrated directions in the owner’s manual. You’ll attach stabilizers to the frame, then add the pedals, handlebars and saddle. You can also attach levelers if you’ll be using the bike on a slightly uneven surface.

The Not-So-Great:
  • No Data Feedback: This cycle trainer, like many others, is built without a console. The highly streamlined design appeals to many competitive cyclists, but some riders like to see feedback such as distance, RPM and heart rate.
  • Louder Braking: This bike uses contact braking. The sound and feel of the braking can have appeal to outdoor cycling enthusiasts, but a trade-off is noisier operation compared with cycle trainers like the Keiser M3 that use magnetic braking.
  • Maintenance Required: The manufacturer advises owners to tighten the bike’s bolts about once per month. That’s not uncommon advice for indoor bike maintenance, but high quality bikes can withstand heavier use before tinkering is needed.
  • Short Warranty: The short parts warranty on this bike makes us concerned about its durability. Most parts are under warranty for a year. The brake pad, saddle and handlebar grips are only protected for 90 days. Labor is also covered for just 90 days. For comparison, True’s $2099 upright bike has a 10-year parts warranty and one-year labor warranty.

Who Should Ride the True “Bike MS” Cycling Bike?

The True Bike MS Cycling Bike is meant for riders who truly enjoy biking; they don’t need extra motivation from on-board training programs or digital entertainment. As for body size, people of most heights can find an ideal stride length. The bike has a 350-pound user weight capacity, but keep in mind that if it gets heavy use, it might need minor tune-ups a couple of times per month.

The Bottom Line

The True “Bike MS” Cycling Bike has appeal for its charitable connection, but other exercise bikes are sold with better buyer protections. The Bike MS hasn’t been on the market long enough to prove its value… but some great competitors are well-established! In fact, two of the three overall best indoor cycle trainers on our site are sale priced for less than True’s offer.

True Bike MS Cycling Bike Specs:

Overall Score:6
Type:Indoor Cycle
Flywheel:25 lb
Weight Capacity:350 lbs
Dimensions:53" L x 22" W x 47.5" H