A High Quality Bike For Low Impact Cardio

True ES900 Recumbent Bike

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True ES900 Recumbent Bike Review

A High Quality Bike For Low Impact Cardio

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True ES900 Recumbent Bike
True ES900 Recumbent Bike Review

A feature rich and comfortable recumbent bike.

Gentle to your frame but tough on calories, the True ES900 Recumbent Bike is a top value for better home gyms. This comfortable exercise bike is “elite” considering the $3099 list price, but in the long run it’s actually a cost-conscious buy. Owners get club-quality workouts plus peace of mind from a 10-year parts/electronics warranty. (That’s at least double the coverage we normally see for exercise bikes.) The ES900 Recumbent is the top True Fitness model for home use.

This recumbent bike is unique for its hybrid braking. Its primary resistance system is magnetic, which can be ideal for home use because it’s barely audible. But for road bike enthusiasts True has also engineered a “bike mode” to emulate the gear shifts of a 21-speed bicycle. With either mode you’ll get a wide range of resistance choices (25 to 450 Watts), so the ES900 is ideal for everything from gentle physical rehab to intense cross training.

As for workout programs and data tracking, True pairs the ES900 Recumbent Bike with its most advanced home use console, Transcend. Transcend’s 9” touchscreen control center gives access to 20 workout programs, and up to six users can save profiles. Bluetooth is included too for audio, heart rate monitoring and sending workout data to fitness apps. The Transcend console also features heart rate “cruise control” to help you maintain exercise within a target heart rate zone. A media ledge is included for easy view of a magazine or mobile device as you train.

The Great:
  • Commercial Parts: The big appeal of the ES900 Recumbent Bike is its commercial quality. One example is the frame, which is made from robotically welded steel. Another is the resistance system, which ranges from 25 to 450 Watts to accommodate any workout intensity. Choosing a True bike from this series, you won’t need to deal with flimsy plastic parts, a wobbly frame, flickering electronics or other problems that plague low-end bikes.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer’s 10-year parts and electronics warranty helps make the ES900 bike an exceptional deal. The warranty package also provides for a year of labor and lifetime protection for the frame.
  • Compact and Portable: Recumbent bikes, compared with upright bikes, naturally need longer frames. Sometimes they’re impractical for small homes, so True engineered the ES900 Recumbent to be especially space-conscious: It measures just under five feet long and is about two feet wide. And while this machine is heavy at 180 pounds, it can easily be moved thanks to attached transport wheels.
  • Comfortable Seating: Excellent seating is essential to a great exercise bike, and here you get more of a throne than a saddle! The seat material is mesh for good airflow, and the cushioning conforms to your body. You can adjust the seat angle and height, lean back for lumbar support, and bike in good comfort for longer than you might have thought possible.
  • Fingertip Controls: Resistance controls are built into the bike’s handlebars, letting you make adjustments without reaching for the console.
  • Bike Mode: With outdoor cycling enthusiasts in mind, True engineered the ES900 Recumbent with “bike mode.” This lets you switch from magnetic braking to simulate riding a 21-speed outdoor bike. Bike mode isn’t included on the ES700, which helps explain its lower price.
  • Self-Generating Power: This exercise bike has self-generating power, so there’s no need for a cord. Energy harnessed from exercise is used for powering the console.
  • Transcend Console: The ES900 Recumbent Bike is capped by True’s premium home fitness console, the Transcend with a 9” color touchscreen. Here you can tap into 22 workout programs that offer excellent variety, making it easy to train efficiently for weight loss, cardio endurance and other fitness goals. Advanced Bluetooth connectivity is on board too, ready to support audio, sync with fitness apps, and track your heart rate.
  • Media Shelf: Access your apps during workouts or flip through a magazine with the Transcend console’s built-in media shelf.
  • High Capacity: The maximum user weight capacity is 350 pounds.

The Not-So-Great:
  • Higher Price: This bike has a fair price for its quality, but for many shoppers it’s too expensive. The ES700 with Transcend console costs a bit less, and with a simpler console (no touchscreen) the ES700 price is knocked down to $2299.

Who Should Ride the True ES900 Recumbent Bike?

Recumbent bikes, compared with other types, are the best option for people seeking low impact exercise. If you’ve avoided upright biking because of knee pain or back pain – or if you aim to prevent discomfort in the first place – then a recumbent bike could be an ideal trainer.

The True ES900 Recumbent is useful for all strength levels and workout intensities. It is especially useful for rehab, calorie burn, cardio exercise and toning lean muscle.

The Bottom Line

The True ES900 Recumbent Bike is ready to roll with 10 years of parts/electronics protection. It costs more than most home exercise bikes, but it can also outperform and endure much longer than the competition.

If you’d like a similar exercise bike for less, the ES700 could be a good match. It lacks “bike mode” and isn’t as robust, but it has most of the same performance specs as the top-of-the-line ES900 in this review.

True ES900 Recumbent Bike Specs:

Overall Score:9
Resistance:25 to 450 Watts
Weight Capacity:350 lbs