Vision Fitness Exercise Bike Review

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Vision Fitness Exercise Bike Review

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Vision Fitness is the modern form of a bike company founded in 1993. Now they’ve won dozens of awards not only for their commercial and residential exercise bikes, but also for treadmills and other fitness machines. The brand is now owned by Johnson Fitness, which also owns the cheaper Horizon Fitness brand.

Vision exercise bikes are high-end and exceptionally durable. They have different warranties available depending on the use. An example is the Vision U70 Commercial Upright Bike; it has a seven years parts warranty for residential buyers and five years for commercial buyers.

An exciting feature of Vision bikes is compatibility with Passport Player. Passport Player can interface with a television to display scenic high-definition video workouts. These interactive videos adjust to the rider’s speed and intensity, creating an immersive almost-outdoors experience. Vision exercise bikes also have ViaFit connectivity. This makes it easy to track your workouts not only with a Vision exercise bike, but outside of the gym too.

Wireless heart rate monitoring, lots of data feedback, and heavy flywheels are characteristics of this brand. Here are some pros and cons of choosing a Vision Fitness exercise bike.

The Great:
  • Sturdy Steel Frames: Vision Fitness bike frames are virtually indestructible. They’re built from steel, have lifetime guarantees and support up to 400 pounds.
  • Heavy Flywheels: These bikes offer a good range of smooth resistance. Their V-Series Commercial Indoor Cycle has a 40-pound wheel. The Vision U70 Commercial, an upright bike, has a 30-pound flywheel. Their more affordable bikes are well equipped too; the R40 Recumbent Bike, for instance, has a 24-pound drive. We rate that bike a ”10” in almost every category.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: Vision bikes have contact grips and wireless heart rate receivers. The contact grips are located on the handlebars. The heart rate data can be used to control workout programs.
  • Workout Programs: These fitness machines have large easy-to-use program screens with guidance toward training goals. One of the most popular programs is Johnson Fitness’s exclusive Sprint 8 training program, which has helped people lose more than 25% of body fat over 8 weeks! These bikes have heart rate controlled programs too. Video workouts are built into the most advanced consoles and are available on any bike that works with Passport Player.
  • Data: Vision offers basic and advanced data consoles. The Vision Touch and Elegant consoles provide an impressive amount of data — and to keep things from being overwhelming, riders can customize what’s shown. The options are Distance, Speed, Calories, Calories Per Hour, RPM, Level, Watts, Total Time, Time Remaining, Time Elapsed, METs, Heart Rate, Percent Heart Rate and Target Heart Rate.
  • High Capacity: Vision exercise bikes can safely hold up to 400 pounds. For some of their bikes the limit is 300 pounds.
  • Adjustable Seat: The bike seats are easily adjustable with a chrome-plated ratcheting system.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: Handlebars on these bikes allow for different riding positions.
  • Water Bottle Holder: Vision bikes each get an integrated water bottle holder.
  • Self-Generating Power: Save on energy costs with Vision’s commercial bikes. The R70 Commercial Recumbent and U70 Commercial Upright bikes convert a trainee’s energy to power their consoles.
  • Warranty: These bikes have long warranties. Residential buyers get up to seven years of parts and electronics coverage, and commercial gyms get up to five. Labor is provided for free during the first two years.

The Not-So-Great:

It’s not easy to complain about Vision Fitness exercise bikes. Price will be a drawback for some shoppers, although the warranties make for a fair deal.

One factor to consider is the mechanical resistance. Many manufacturers are now using magnetic resistance, which can be especially quiet and long-lasting. We’re not very concerned about this setup though… Vision bikes aren’t known for squeaking or needing lots of maintenance.

Who Should Choose the Vision Fitness Bike Brand?

Vision Fitness is an excellent brand for fitness centers and for households with bigger budgets. Built-in programs, Passport Player video workouts, great resistance options and wireless heart rate monitoring help make Vision a top choice for people working on physical rehabilitation, weight loss, muscle toning and cardio training.

The Bottom Line

Vision Fitness is a top producer of commercial and residential exercise bikes. Featuring excellent program variety, a wide range of resistance and long warranties, Vision Fitness bikes are highly recommended.