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Yowza Fitness joined the fitness equipment industry in 2009 and quickly gained respect for its high-quality products and customer service. The company is based in Florida and celebrates Florida with its product names: There are Yowza Naples recumbent bikes, Boca treadmills, and so forth. The fitness machines are made with exceptional quality control; Yowza Fitness maintains its own factories in Taiwan and isn’t subject to third-party complications.

As for stationary recumbent bikes, Yowza Fitness offers a unique collection called Naples CardioCore EVO. It includes the Naples, Naples Plus and Naples Elite. These aren’t just recumbent bikes, but also elliptical trainers and full-body trainers! Trainees can decide whether to use just the arm bars, just the pedals or both at once. Engaging with the whole machine is an effective way to tone abdominal muscles, arms and legs without ”feeling the burn.”

These recumbent trainers offer smooth, light resistance. Naples CardioCore EVO can support rehab, weight loss, cardiovascular exercise and muscle toning.

Yowza Naples elliptical bikes cost more than the typical recumbent bike up front — but their value is greater. Owners get long warranties on these very durable machines, and they can exercise more than just their legs. Here is a point-by-point review of the collection.

The Great:
Although it's entry-level in its series, the Yowza Naples has excellent features. By upgrading to the Yowza Naples Plus or Naples Elite, you can get additional features such as mobile exercise apps and a scale. Here are some reasons shoppers choose these products and give the brand Yowza Fitness great reviews.

  • Total Body Training: The Naples series helps a person tone their arms, legs and abdomen at once. This is rare in a recumbent bike.
  • Reversible Motion: Pedal forward or backward! Not every bike or elliptical trainer can move in reverse.
  • Stable Frames: Yowza Naples recumbent elliptical bikes are comprised of robotically welded steel that’s powder coated. They weigh 100 pounds more than many recumbent bike frames we’ve reviewed. User weight capacities are 400 pounds.
  • Fitness Programs: Older versions of the Yowza Naples had just three built-in workout programs, but newer models have nine preset workouts and room for saving personalized routines. Some preset program names are Target Time, Target Distance, and Fat Burning. Additionally, the Yowza Naples Elite can connect to the web and provide customized workouts.
  • Apps from the Cloud: The Naples Elite features a suite of mobile apps. Their capabilities range from fitness tracking to customized workouts and Facebook integration.
  • Ergonomic Pedals: To promote a healthy stride, Naples elliptical bike pedals can pivot. The pedals are well-cushioned too, encouraging trainees to ride longer.
  • Adjustable Seats: Seats on all Yowza recumbents can quickly be adjusted with a power switch. The Naples Elite allows for three seat positions to be saved for even faster adjustments. Most other bikes require manual adjustment.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitors: All elliptical bikes in the Yowza Naples series include wireless heart rate receivers.
  • Cooling Fans: A three-speed fan is built into each console.
  • Audio: High fidelity speakers and an iPod-compatible port are included for playing MP3s.
  • Charge Devices: All recumbent Naples bikes can charge mobile phones and other devices via their USB ports.
  • Warranty: Yowza Fitness residential warranties are generous. They provide lifetime coverage for the frame, five or seven years for parts and electronics, and two years of in-home labor.

The Not-So-Great:

Naples recumbents have lots of appeal, but they’re not for everyone. Here are some possible drawbacks.

  • Resistance: The Naples collection caters to people seeking low-impact workouts. The highest resistance level isn’t very powerful; it pretty much ensures that you won’t feel sore the next day. Some shoppers, such as competitive outdoor cyclists, prefer more of a challenge.
  • Price: In the long run, these durable and multi-purpose machines are a good value. For example, if the Yowza Naples Elite were to break down right after its warranty expired, the owner still would have gotten seven years of fantastic workouts for just $1.17/day! However, up front a Naples costs more than a traditional recumbent bike.
  • Size: Naples machines take more floor space than the average recumbent bike.

Who Should Ride the Yowza Naples Elliptical Bike?

The recumbent Yowza Naples CardioCore EVO series can support almost any fitness goal: rehab and muscle toning, calorie burn, and cardiovascular fitness. Even extra-strong elite athletes could enjoy these machines on lower-stress workout days. Each Naples model is an effective trainer for no-pain, full-body workouts.

The Bottom Line

Our first ”10” review for a stationary bike brand goes to Yowza Fitness. Each recumbent elliptical bike in the Yowza Naples collection is a durable multi-purpose fitness machine that feels great to use. Although these recumbent bikes cost more than others up front, in the long run they provide the best value. This is a top choice for almost anyone, perhaps competitive cyclists excepted. Yowza Naples are total body trainers that can deliver beautiful results.