BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle

See below for the best alternative model.


Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Read our review

BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle

See below for the best alternative model.


Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Read our review

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Smooth, powerful and good-looking, the ruby red BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle works to replicate the sensation of outdoor bicycling. First, riders control the bike with a resistance lever, which has detents that let them feel each shift. Second, the pedals are SPD compatible on one side and have toe cages. Third, the bike’s racing-style handlebars allow for diverse grip positions and have fore/aft adjustment for a customized fit. Besides all that, the LK700IC has a data screen and wireless heart rate monitor too.

The BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle has a highly adjustable saddle and movable handlebars. It’s durable enough for busy commercial gyms and is sold with three warranties: commercial, light commercial and residential. The commercial warranty allows for daily use exceeding eight hours.

Is this the best indoor cycle for your workout room? Here are lists of the great and not-so-great features.

The Great

BH Fitness equipment is a staple in commercial fitness centers worldwide. Here are reasons shoppers choose the BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle.

  • Looks Good: Most indoor cycle trainers are gray and black, but this model has a more eye-catching red frame with black and yellow accents.
  • Resistance: This indoor bike has exceptionally smooth magnetic resistance with an upper tension level equivalent to a 50-pound flywheel. (Most indoor bikes on our review website have 40 pound flywheels.) The magnetic system promotes quiet operation and is low maintenance.
  • Exercise Data: An unobtrusive LED screen has a watts meters and shows RPM, calories, distance, pulse and more.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The LK700IC Indoor Cycle has a wireless heart rate receiver that’s compatible with Polar chest straps. Heart rate is constantly displayed, helping a rider stay in their target heart rate zone.
  • SPD Pedals: Flippable pedals on this bike have toe cages and SPD compatibility.
  • Racing Handlebars: Racing-style handlebars let riders take a variety of grips. The handlebars have fore/aft adjustment to help the bike fit different body types.
  • Water Bottle Holder: To make hydration convenient, a water bottle holder is attached to the bike.
  • Transport Wheels: Attached wheels make this cycle trainer easy to move.
  • Sturdy: The BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle weighs 95 pounds. It has a 350-pound maximum user weight capacity.
  • Compact: Like most indoor cycle trainers, this unit doesn’t demand much space. Its footprint measures 41” x 25”. The BH Fitness website has an interactive room planner to help you figure out how to arrange their exercise bikes, treadmills and other fitness equipment.
  • Warranties: The BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle is sold with commercial, light commercial and residential warranties. The frame has lifetime coverage in each. Parts are covered for three to 10 years depending on setting and use. Commercial and light commercial buyers get one year of free labor, and residential buyers get two years.

The Not-So-Great

Here are some potential drawbacks of choosing the BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle.

  • No Extras: While this bike has all the essentials, it doesn’t have extras such as workout programs or support for entertainment (e.g., speakers for an MP3 player). That’s usually the case with indoor cycles though because they’re really aiming to replicate the outdoor experience. If you want extras, you need to opt for an upright bike or a recumbent bike. These have lighter flywheels and don’t ride like spin bikes.
  • Basic Seat: The seat isn’t especially cushioned. However, it is adjustable both vertically and horizontally.

Who Should Ride the BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle?

The BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle is meant for serious cyclists seeking intense workouts and interval training. It can assist beginners and support lighter muscle toning, but it produces up to 50 pounds of magnetic resistance for advanced trainees aiming to bulk up or have very intense cardio workouts. Physically this ride is micro-adjustable to fit most adults and can support up to 350 pounds.

The Bottom Line

The BH Fitness LK700IC indoor cycle is a smart buy for commercial fitness rooms and for individuals seeking exceptionally powerful spin bikes. There may be better exercise bikes out there but it has a fair commercial warranty and a long residential warranty; operates quietly; and offers more challenge than almost any indoor bike on the market.

BH Fitness LK700IC Indoor Cycle Specs

TypeIndoor Cycle
Console displayUnobtrusive LED Screen
Seat typeadjustable
Flywheel50 LBS
Weight350 LBS
Dimensions41" L x 25" W x n/a H

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