BH Fitness S1Ui Upright Bike Review

It's the cheapest upright bike from BH Fitness, but the S1Ui is a durable ride. The S1Ui is loaded with 26 workouts and has…

BH Fitness S1Ui Upright Bike Specs


An Affordable Stationary Bike with 26 Workouts & iConcept

BH Fitness S1Ui Upright Bike Review

It's the cheapest upright bike from BH Fitness, but the S1Ui is a durable ride. The S1Ui is loaded with 26 workouts and has…

BH Fitness S1Ui Upright Bike Specs


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BH Fitness is a multinational brand known for high quality fitness equipment. The S1Ui is their lowest-priced upright bike and it’s a crowdpleaser. This ride has a great mix of programming and entertainment: The BH Fitness S1Ui is loaded with 26 workouts and has iConcept. With iConcept you can substitute your own mobile device for the console. Your workout program will keep running in the background as you use other apps on your phone or tablet computer. Plus, iConcept lets you download program updates and get new workout programs.

Comfort is a priority too. The seat is microadjustable, whereas other bike stems only adjust in set increments, and the handlebars can be rotated.

In our review the BH Fitness S1Ui Upright Bike is one of the best options in its price class. It sells for just $799 plus shipping, and parts are protected for three years. Below are some benefits and a few potential drawbacks of choosing this exercise bike.

The Great:

Here are some reasons people choose the BH Fitness S1Ui Upright Bike.

  • Workout Programs: The console provides a fitness test and 25 additional workout modes. You can also save your own workout program. The screen is backlit for easy viewing at night.
  • 24 Resistance Levels: The S1Ui has a nice range of resistance for people at different fitness levels.
  • iConcept: iConcept is exclusive to BH Fitness. This feature lets the rider’s own tablet computer or phone work as the console. The main benefits of iConcept are 1) you can always have an up-to-date console, 2) you can download new workout programs and 3) you can use your own apps during exercise. iConcept runs in the background on your mobile device, making it easy to switch from entertainment to the data screen.
  • Exercise Data: Workout data shown are distance, time, calories, speed, RPM and heart rate.
  • Adjustable Seat: The S1Ui Upright Bike has a vertically adjustable seat. It has microadjustability rather than preset choices, so more riders can find a perfect fit.
  • Rotating Handlebars: The handlebars are adjustable to suit different riders.
  • Pedal Straps: Foot straps on the pedals help with stability.
  • Water Bottle Holder: A bottle holder is attached to the frame below the console.
  • Transport Wheels: Wheels are attached to the back of the bike, making it easy to transport.
  • Compact Size: With a footprint of just 41” x 21”, the BH Fitness S5Ui takes up less floor space than the average fitness machine.
  • High Capacity: The S1Ui has a maximum 300-pound user weight capacity.
  • Warranty: This bike has a residential warranty. Owners get lifetime coverage for the frame and parts protection for three years. Labor is free during the first year.

The Not-So-Great:

Here are some potential drawbacks of using the BH Fitness S1Ui exercise bike.

  • Contact Heart Rate Monitoring: Contact grips are provided on the handlebars for heart rate monitoring. This system is useful but not very convenient; you need to hold both hands on the pulse detectors for at least 15 seconds.
  • No Fan: A good cooling fan can make a difference. There’s no fan built into the console, so you might want to set one up near the bike.
  • No Reading Rack: The S1Ui bike is great for people who want to use apps, but it doesn’t support “old-fashioned” reading material. Other stationary bikes have magazine racks.
  • Lighter Weight: This bike weighs 75 pounds, which is respectable but not so heavy. People approaching the 300-pound user weight capacity might feel more secure on the BH Fitness S5Ui, which weighs 108 pounds and has a 350-pound capacity.
  • Plugs In: An AC adaptor (included) is required to operate the bike.
  • Simple Seat: The seat is adjustable, but it’s not especially comfortable. Gel cushioning is included on the saddle for the more expensive S5Ui.

Who Should Ride the BH Fitness S1Ui Upright Bike?

The BH Fitness S1Ui can help beginners through peak-level trainees with cardio training, calorie burn and muscle toning. Its maximum user weight capacity is 300 pounds.

The Bottom Line

The BH Fitness S1Ui Upright Bike offers very good value. It’s a low-priced exercise bike with a long parts warranty. Its built-in programs are varied and useful, and iConcept helps keep the bike relevant as technology advances.

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