Black Friday and Cyber Monday Exercise Bike Deals 2021

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 are just about here. As always, we’re expecting to see quite a few deals and promotions from our favorite exercise bike brands, though the Black Friday sale mantra has been shifting a little compared to just a few years ago.

Live Exercise Bike Black Friday Deals

NordicTrack Bikes

Black Friday Price Guarantee

  Sole Bikes

Up to 50% OFF

Echelon Bikes

$200 OFF and a free massage gun

Diamondback Bikes

Up to 25% OFF

Pro-Form Bikes

Up to 40% OFF

Bike Discounts on Amazon

Up to 50% OFF

First off, sales are starting earlier and earlier every year. Brands are trying to get a jump on one another, so we’re seeing Black Friday deals trickle in through the almost the entire month of November this year. For that reason, we continue to update this page to bring you the best deals on spin bikes, recumbent bikes, and other exercise bike types as we find them.

Beyond that, there’s the matter of stocking issues. 2021 has been a busier year for exercise bike sales than we’ve ever seen before, and most brands continue to struggle to keep production up to match demand. What that means for you as a consumer is twofold. First, you’re going to want to plan ahead, and see who makes the best bike to suit your needs well ahead of the sales. If you don’t know where to start, check out our Best Indoor Cycles and Spin Bikes page for a comprehensive breakdown of what to look for, and which brands are making the best bikes on the market. Next, start looking at who has bikes in stock versus whose bikes are on backorder. It’s great to be able to get a good deal, but not if it means having to wait 2 or 3 months to get it to your door.

Now that you’re this far, one last bit of food for thought. We all know how tempting it is to wait for the biggest possible discount, but you need to remember that this can equally mean the painful disappointment of not getting what you really want because it’s out of stock. With the combination of discounts and stocking issues playing off of one another, if you see an exercise bike that fits the bill and it’s on sale, this is not the time to be second guessing things. If it’s on sale and available ahead of Black Friday, our professional advice is not to risk losing out in hopes of getting an additional $25-$50 off the list price later on during Black Friday. As we noted above, it’s been a weird year, and people need to shop accordingly.

These are undoubtedly the best times of the year to bag big ticket items like in-home fitness equipment for a fraction of the normal price. That said, keeping track of all the timed sales and when the best deals are set to go live can be overwhelming. Retailers will do anything to get your attention, slicing the prices of their best-selling spin, recumbent and stationary bikes as well as throwing in free shipping, extended warranties and extras like workout mats, so it’s hard to know which deals are really the best value for you.

We still tend to focus on shopping direct from brands, as they are most often able to deliver the best bargains on exercise bikes. That said, on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon can be full of great deals, so you’ll also find a link below to the best Amazon exercise bike deals of 2021 too. Word to the wise, Amazon deals come and go in a hurry on Black Friday, so if you come across a bike that suits your needs and budget, this isn’t the time to drag your heels or second-guess a decision. In the past we’ve seen Black Friday Amazon deals come and go over the course of an hour.

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