2015 ProForm Exercise Bike Cyber Monday Deals

This 2015 Cyber Monday online shopping day marks 10 years since its inception, and since 2005, the unofficial kick off to the online holiday shopping season has grown in sales and profits each year, with last year Cyber Monday online shopping sales hitting an all-time record of $2.29 billion dollars.

So why should all of this matter to you? Well, if you plan to shop for anything this holiday season, as most all of us will, this translates to deep discounts for you as the consumer. Exercise equipment may not be on the front of every sales paper that you come across like some of the top electronics or popular toys of the season, but don’t be fooled. Cyber Monday deals and sales on fitness equipment like exercise bikes are some of the best deals offered, if you know where to look.

Exercise bikes, like those offered by popular brands ProForm, are ideal for gift-giving if you are looking for a gift that someone can enjoy throughout the year. With exercise bikes, because you have so many models and designs to choose from, it’s easy to pick out a model to suit the needs of just about anyone (or yourself!) on your holiday gift list. We suggest choosing a brand that is both reputable and reliable, which is important anyway but especially when it’s a gift. It’s tempting to go with a no-name brand to save a few hundred dollars, but that’s the joy of Cyber Monday. You can get those same savings but on high-quality equipment; a win-win situation! And they won’t know that you saved hundreds, they’ll only be impressed with the gift.

The 2015 ProForm Exercise Bike Cyber Monday Deals expected to be offered are going to be some of the best yet, with brand new models on the market and fan favorites among some of the top models to go first. Speaking of top models, here’s a quick run-down of some of the series offered by ProForm. The Tour de France Series is their new high-performance series that features Google Maps so you can feel like you are really hitting the road following every route of the race. Then there’s the hybrid series that features a unique 2-in-1design that can be used as either a recumbent bike or an upright bike, which make great gifts if you aren’t sure which model to go with. And finally, ProForm offers a line of cycle trainers that allow you to “train from the saddle of your familiar road bike- without leaving the house.” These trainers fold to carry and require no plug-in, making these the ideal gift for someone who’s on the go a lot and has their own road bike.

To help you to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals and sales on some of these models, we will bring you the information you need to know so you don’t miss a thing! Just make sure you check with us often as the holiday shopping season gets into full swing. It’s not always easy to find the best deals on your favorite models, especially online, but purchasing online is going to be your best bet for getting the best deal. Some people are hesitant about purchasing online because if it arrives and it’s not what they wanted, what can they do? Or what if the person who receives the gift wants an exchange or return? Returning and exchanging fitness equipment online, if needed, is actually easier than you think with many retailers offering free returns or money-back guarantees. Voila, worry-free gift giving at a deeply discounted price!


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