The Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Bike ClassWorking out can feels like a chore. From finding the time to make it to the gym, to feeling comfortable while you’re at the gym and getting a satisfying workout in, a lot of people tend to get frustrated. Some people head to the gym without a clear idea of how to achieve their fitness goals. Others head to the gym with good intentions, but lack the confidence to get the workout in that they deserve. Fortunately, many gyms and specialty locations offer group fitness classes that make it easy and fun to get a great workout in.


Group fitness classes are led by licensed instructors who guide you through a workout. These group classes can range from one hour to one and a half hours, during which time you will be instructed through a warm-up, workout, and cool down. You will also be guided on your form and the way in which you are moving or using the machinery, if required. Having an instructor guide you through an entire session ensures that you are pushing yourself to the limits in a way that is effective for your body. If you are completing a motion wrong, your instructor will tell you and help you find the correct motion or form, so that you do not harm yourself.

In addition to an instructor, a group fitness class may come with equipment. Typically, the gym or studio you are working out in provides the equipment necessary, but sometimes you have the option of bringing your own. For instance, if you are headed to a yoga class, mats may be provided, but you may be more comfortable working out on your own mat. The same can be said for kickboxing or Pilates classes. On the other hand, if you are headed to a spin class, stationary bikes will be provided for you. Note that if at any time you are unsure of how to use or adjust a piece of equipment, the instructor can also assist with that!


Finding the motivation to get to the gym may be hard enough. Staying motivated to make it through a workout can be an entirely different story. People lose motivation for a number of different reasons, but the most common are related to not knowing or understanding what is going on throughout the workout. If you become confused, it becomes easy for your mind to wander and you to lose focus on the task at hand. In a group class, an instructor is with you every step of the way to provide motivation. From offering encouragement to the entire class to cheering individuals on, having an instructor means your class also comes with a built-in cheerleader. In addition to the instructor providing motivation, seeing others complete the same workout around you is a source of motivation in itself.


Going to the gym doesn’t have to be solely about working out. In group exercise classes, you are presented with the opportunity of making connections and friendships with those around you. In a weekly class, you tend to see the same people coming and going, especially if you make a routine out of it. This makes working out fun and enjoyable, making it feel less like a chore and more like an activity you want to take part in.


In addition to making friends, seeing the same people in an exercise class week after week can start to make you accountable. When you do make friends and don’t show up to your class, people start to wonder where you are. The fitness friends you’ve made start caring about your well-being, and ultimately help to inspire you to continue going to class.


The best part about group exercise classes is that they are fun! When you put all of the elements of a group fitness class together, from the instructor, to the people who attend, to the activity itself, working out in a group can be a lot of fun. In many group exercise classes, music is played to help amplify the workout. Plus, the greatest part of attending a group workout is that you will actually get in shape. Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or gain muscle mass, you’ll find yourself getting healthier the more you attend a group fitness class.

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  1. Gary Puntman February 11, 2019 at 3:56 pm
    I would love to start going to a group fitness class. This would help me with motivation in my workout routine. I would love to find a teacher who will keep me coming back and help me feel motivated, like you said. They should be a good cheerleader.

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