Epic A17u Review

The Epic A17U Bike packs in plenty for $499. This upright exercise bike features 22 workout apps, iFit technology, and a sound system for…


Epic A17u Specs


Epic A17u Review

The Epic A17U Bike packs in plenty for $499. This upright exercise bike features 22 workout apps, iFit technology, and a sound system for…

Epic A17u Specs


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The Epic A17u Upright Stationary Exercise Bike is Epic Fitness’s only upright bike. Loaded with 22 preset workouts — and capable of downloading daily personalized workouts via iFit — this compact fitness machine is designed for people who appreciate exercise guidance. It also has some extras: speakers for an MP3 player; a water bottle holder; and a workout fan built into the console.

With an online discount the Epic A17u Upright Stationary Exercise Bike sells for just $499.99. The regular price is $699.99. Here are some pros and cons about the purchase.

The Great

The Epic A17u is pretty well-stocked for a $499 fitness machine. Here are some selling points.

  • Preset Workouts: The Epic is loaded with 22 trainer-designed workouts that can be used at different resistance levels. These are categorized by goal, such as calorie burn. The console also lets trainees design and save two exercise routines.
  • iFit Technology: iFit technology is pretty cool! The Epic A17u is iFit-ready. By getting an iFit membership, a trainee can download customized workouts, virtually exercise with celebrity personal trainers such as Jillian Michaels, participate in online races, and experience actual riding routes from around the world. (These are drawn by the user with Google Maps.) iFit costs $9.99/month or $99/year.
  • Easy-to-Use Console: The console screen is high-def for easy reading, and it’s intuitive to use. Icons on the buttons, each a different color, are helpful.
  • Adjustable Console:  The console and its attached handlebars can be tilted for a customized ride.
  • Adjustable Cushioned Seat: For comfort and endurance, the A17u’s saddle is cushioned with “EnergyReturn.” The seat can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. The seat is oversized for comfort too, but some people prefer saddles that are standard sized. The seat can be exchanged with that of any standard road bike.
  • Oversized Pedals: The pedals have oversized platforms and adjustable straps.
  • Speakers: Hook up your iPod! Epic stationary bikes have speakers for streaming your MP3s.
  • Water Bottle Holder: Keeping hydrated is convenient with the Epic’s integrated bottle holder.
  • Workout Fan: Keep cool with the built-in workout fan. This 4” fan has adjustable speed.
  • Quiet Operation: Keep the peace with a quiet ride. Epic exercise bikes have balanced drives that run smoothly.
  • Transport Wheels: Wheels are mounted at the front of the A17u for easy transport.
  • Small Footprint: This machine doesn’t require much space. Its footprint measures just under 25″ wide x 41″ long.
  • OK Assembly Process: Customers report that the A17u is pretty straightforward to assemble. Allow about an hour. Some people are confused during set-up because a few parts arrive already connected to each other.

The Not-So-Great

Why wouldn’t you choose the Epic A17u? Here are some potential drawbacks.

  • Heart Rate Receiver: This bike uses EKG grips. EKG grip readouts aren’t as accurate as readouts from wireless heart rate monitors. Of course, you could bring your own wireless system.
  • Light Flywheel: The 17-pound flywheel operates smoothly and quietly, but it doesn’t provide a super amount of resistance at its highest level. Some people will master the machine within a year or two.
  • Short Warranty: The A17u has a relatively short warranty. For the bike’s purchase price of $499 to $699, the buyer gets just one year of parts coverage. There’s a lifetime warranty on the frame. Labor is free during the first year.
  • Expensive Replacements: Again, owners get just one year of free parts replacement. According to one customer review, replacing the console after that will cost more than $600 — which, of course, could get you a whole new exercise bike!

Video Review Features of the Epic A17u Upright Stationary Exercise Bike!

Who Should Ride the Epic A17u Upright Stationary Exercise Bike?

The Epic A17u is best for entry-level to intermediate athletes who appreciate built-in workouts and iFit programming. This bike can be used for cardio training, weight loss and light strength training. Its maximum user weight capacity is 275 pounds.

The Bottom Line

The Epic A17u Upright Exercise Bike is a low-priced ride with excellent programming and a few extras (eg., speakers, a beverage holder and a workout fan). Its 17-pound flywheel provides enough resistance for some but not all riders.

Although its warranty is short, the Epic A17u Bike isn’t likely to be a lemon. For the sale price of $499 you can expect at least a few years of trouble-free operation, and that works out to a good value.

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