Horizon Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle Review

Designed to replicate the sensation of cycling on the open road, the Horizon Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle is a popular indoor ride for competitive cyclists and those who love spin class. It’s equipped with a smooth 44-pound flywheel and micro-adjustable tension to support intense workouts and give the rider precise control. An unobtrusive 4″ data screen and wireless heart rate receiver help experienced spinners make the most of their training sessions.

The Horizon Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle sells for $829 with shipping and indoor delivery included. Here are some pros and cons about choosing this product.

The Great:

Why do people choose this type of exercise bike? Like any indoor cycle trainer, the Elite IC7 is made for intense spinning rather than gentle rehab. It positions the rider differently than a typical stationary cycle would; here the stance is even more like that used for outdoor bicycling. With this type of fitness machine a rider can stand up on the pedals, get the sensation of hill climbing, and always feel as if they’re in gear. Here are some highlights of this particular model, the Horizon Elite IC7.

  • Heavy Flywheel: The Horizon Elite IC7 has an especially heavy flywheel with high inertia. The flywheel weighs 44 pounds, and just forty pounds would be a good minimum for a spin bike.
  • Micro-adjustable Resistance: The rider can control resistance with a knob between the handlebars. With some other indoor bikes, tension is controlled digitally and therefore limited by preset levels. Competitive cyclists often prefer the greater flexibility enabled with manual control.
  • Emergency Stop: A red emergency stop brake is included for extra safety.
  • Interchangeable Pedals: Pedals with toe cages are provided. Riders can add their own Shimano combo pedals or others if desired. This fitness machine works with any standard outdoor bike pedals.
  • Exercise Data: Time, distance, speed, calories and heart rate are displayed.
  • Adjustable: The handlebars and saddle on the Horizon Elite IC7 spin bike are adjustable to fit different body types. Additionally, the handlebars can take different positions to support different riding stances.
  • Water Bottle Holder: To make hydration convenient, a water bottle cage is integrated with the bike frame. The cage-less design makes the bottle easy to access.
  • Sturdy Design: This fitness machine has a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds. The whole bike weighs 115 pounds.
  • Small Size: This compact bike can easily fit into an apartment or other home. Its footprint is just 53″ x 24″.
  • Good Warranty: The Elite IC7 Commercial Indoor Cycle has a three-year warranty on parts, which works out to less than $1/day. There is a five-year warranty on the frame and a one-year labor agreement.

The Not-So-Great:

Spin bikes aren’t the best exercise bikes for everyone. They’re meant for intense workouts, not for the low-impact training that some people want or need. Plus, spin bikes almost always lack the programming that’s common on traditional upright and recumbent exercise bikes. With those points in mind, here are some potential disadvantages of choosing the Horizon Elite IC7.

  • No Transport Wheels: For easy transport, many indoor spin bikes have small wheels. The Horizon Elite IC7 does not, and at 115 pounds it isn’t convenient to move.
  • No Preset Workouts: Riders are on their own in terms of setting their workout time, distance goals and resistance. Plus, the absence of preset workouts means that it’s difficult to simulate a rolling hills route or easily assess progress over time. A few indoor cycle trainers do have preset programs; see the brands Diamondback and Epic for starters.
  • Belt Resistance: The mechanical resistance (belt drive) used on this bike is often preferred by outdoor cyclists. Still, it will probably require more long-term maintenance compared with an exercise bike that uses frictionless magnetic braking.

Who Should Ride the Horizon Elite IC7?

The Elite IC7 can be an excellent aid in weight loss and competitive training. It offers a bit more power than the average indoor bike. Overall it’s a good home gym choice for people who enjoy spin class or riding outdoors. This bike can safely support up to 300 pounds.

The Bottom Line

The Horizon Elite IC7 is a good quality indoor cycle for its price class. Selling for just $829 with a three-year parts warranty, it can be expected to support effective spin sessions at an excellent value.

Horizon Elite IC7 Indoor Cycle Specs

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