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Keiser exercise bikes have become popular through spin classes at commercial fitness centers. Although these bikes aren’t inexpensive, they’re making their way into home gyms too. But who is Keiser? Here we give a quick overview of the company and a review of Keiser spin bikes.

Keiser Corporation was formed by the brothers Dennis and Randy Keiser in 1976. It was a continuation of Dennis’s work as a prominent engineer and engineering consultant in the fitness equipment industry. Today the Keiser Corporation holds a number of patents, has partnerships with many clinics and the US government, and is a respected worldwide leader in strength equipment and fitness machines. Keiser spin bikes are durable and manufactured in the USA.

Spin bikes and similar equipment make up Keiser’s M3 Series. For this brand review we considered the Keiser M3X Indoor Cycle, the Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle (which has more handlebar options) and the Keiser M3 Total Body Trainer with movable arm bars. There’s a somewhat techie choice too: The M3i can share workout data with a smartphone or tablet computer. Some representative features on Keiser bikes are magnetic resistance, Shimano Combo pedals and wireless heart rate monitoring.

These products are pricey, but they’re built for the long haul and are virtually maintenance-free. Is a Keiser the best spin bike for you? Here are some pro/con lists to help you decide.

The Great:

  • Road Bike Emulation: A Keiser spin bike can effectively reproduce the sensation of riding a road bike. It has specialized resistance and the pedals and saddle of an outdoor bike. Owners can also interchange the seat and pedals for a customized ride. Spin bikes let you stand up to pedal too. That’s not an option with most exercise bikes.
  • Fore and Aft Handlebars: The M3 Plus gives an especially nice choice of rider stances. The handlebars can not only be moved vertically, but also have fore/aft positioning.
  • Full Body Workouts: The Keiser M3 Total Body Trainer is a spin bike with movable handlebars to add more cardio intensity and tone the arms, chest, shoulders and back. Riders can use the whole machine at once or just exercise the upper body.
  • Wide Range of Resistance: The digital resistance on Keiser indoor cycles and the Total Body Trainer is well calibrated and transitions smoothly. There are 24 tension levels ranging from light to very strong.
  • Quiet Operation: Keiser uses eddy current resistance. This magnet-based technology helps create virtually silent and maintenance-free fitness machines.
  • Comfortable Adjustable Seat: Keiser bike saddles adjust vertically and horizontally. They are interchangeable with saddles on standard street bikes.
  • Workout Data: How much do you care about exercise data? Keiser gives various console choices to meet different preferences. Their simplest choice uses ambient-sensitive backlighting, has an odometer, and provides standard feedback. The more advanced consoles give additional feedback and support online data tracking.
  • SPD Combo Pedals: Catering to serious cyclists, Keiser indoor cycles have Shimano Combo pedals. These are standard on one side and compatible with cycling shoes on the other.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitor: All Keiser spin bike consoles can display pulse data from a Polar receiver.
  • Water Bottle Holder: Water bottle holders are integrated with the bikes.
  • Compact Size: These indoor cycle trainers, like most others, have small footprints. They’re about two feet wide and four feet long.
  • Easy to Move: Wheels are attached to the bikes for easy repositioning.
  • Easy Assembly: Most customers find Keiser products straightforward to assemble.
  • High Capacity: The maximum user weight for the M3 Series products is 300 pounds.
  • Warranty: A typical Keiser bike warranty provides ten years of frame protection, three years of parts and electronics protection, and six months on wear parts.

The Not-So-Great:

  • No Preset Programs: Like most indoor cycle trainers, Keiser bikes and the Total Body Trainer don’t have preset workout programs.
  • Odd Odometer: Keiser’s odometer uses a unique system of measurement. Instead of marking miles or kilometers, it advances for every 200 revolutions.
  • Higher Price: Keiser exercise bikes cost more than indoor bikes from other brands.

Who Should Ride the Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle?

The Keiser M3 Series supports high-intensity rides for a wide range of fitness levels. The spin bikes and Keiser M3 Total Body Trainer have light to strong resistance, and it’s easy to switch between levels for interval training.

These high-quality fitness machines are adjustable for different rider heights and have a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds.

The Bottom Line

Keiser manufactures high quality spin bikes and total body trainers in the USA. Virtually maintenance-free, their products are built to last for many years. Keiser fitness machines are preferred by commercial gyms and each could potentially serve a household for a generation or more.