Life Fitness Exercise Bike Reviews

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Life Fitness is a bit of a household name in commercial gym equipment, and their Lifecycle exercise bike was actually the first piece of electronic fitness equipment ever created back in the ’60s. Since then they’ve become a mainstay of commercial gyms around the world, and have also developed a thorough and thoughtful range of more approachable home gym equipment.

Build quality remains the big selling feature of Life Fitness. Rather than focusing on sleek design, they keep things simple and utilitarian, all while ensuring they maintain a high standard of manufacturing quality. Their machines run whisper-quiet, and countless user reviews reference the fact that their previous models have been able to last for decades.

Here are some pros and cons about choosing a Life Fitness exercise bike.

The Great:

  • Robust Construction: Built first and foremost with the commercial fitness world in mind, even their most entry-level models are built to last.
  • Built-In Programs: By and large the majority of Life Fitness indoor cycles and all of their exercise bikes come equipped with built-in programs to help guide your training regiment.
  • Rock-Solid Warranties: With lifetime coverage on frames, 3 years on parts (including the console), and 1 year on labor, alongside in-home repair by Life Fitness trained technicians, you can have faith that their equipment will last for years to come.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: All Life Fitness exercise bikes can help trainees track heart rate via built-in grip sensors.
  • Adjustability: The vast majority of indoor cycles and exercise bikes from Life Fitness are multi-point adjustable, ensuring you can find a proper and comfortable riding posture for your workouts.
  • Quiet Operation: By primarily using magnetic resistance (as does most of their dollar-per-dollar competitors), Life Fitness bikes are all whisper-quiet.

The Not-So-Great:

Those with a preference for sleek aesthetics will be left wanting when it comes to the brand’s exercise and recumbent bike offerings, however their indoor cycles are quite sleek overall.

Who Should Buy a Sole Exercise Bike?

Whether shopping for a commercial space or something for your own home, shoppers with an eye for value, longevity, and build quality will be happy with any acquisition from Life Fitness. If bleeding-edge tech is a priority Life Fitness will fall a bit flat, but that’s a matter of preference and priorities.

The Bottom Line

Focusing on the mid to upper price register in the exercise bike and indoor cycle space, Life Fitness makes a compelling case. You could opt for a more tech and app-focused offering with lesser construction and warranty for the same price of entry, however it’s really a matter of priorities.