Matrix Exercise Bike Review

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Matrix Fitness is an international fitness brand supporting commercial and at-home training. It’s a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech, a company that also builds exercise bikes for the brands AFG, Horizon Fitness and Vision Fitness. Matrix home exercise bikes cost more than many of their competitors, but they’re above average in terms of performance and electronics. Each bike carries a long residential warranty as well.

The choices include two upright stationary bikes called the U30 upright and U50, and two recumbent bikes named R30 and R50. The lower models use magnetic braking and the higher models use induction braking for more precision. The higher models offer more potential resistance as well.

Each Matrix home exercise bike is compatible with three consoles. These have different displays, different workout programming and different features for entertainment or multitasking during exercise. One common point among the consoles is Passport readiness: You can virtually bike around the world with scenic video that responds to your pace. Each console has ViaFit connectivity too. The ViaFit app makes it easy to track workouts with your Matrix bike and elsewhere, indoors and out.

Here are bulleted points for shoppers to consider about Matrix home exercise bikes.

The Great:

  • Steel Frames: Matrix home bike frames are conveniently compact, but also very capable. All are made of steel, support up to 350 pounds and have lifetime guarantees. Recumbent Matrix bikes are especially designed for easy access; both have a step-through frame and the R50 has a step-assist platform as well.
  • High-End Resistance: Two kinds of resistance systems are used on Matrix home bikes. One is magnetic resistance, which is the standard for most brands’ highest quality recumbent and upright cardio trainers. The other is induction resistance, which is less frequently used but might be preferable for its greater precision and additional challenge levels. Both systems are quiet and low-maintenance. Heart Rate Monitors: All Matrix bikes have contact heart rate readers on their handlebars and wireless heart rate receivers built into the consoles.
  • Workout Diversity: Three console choices give three programming menus. Each console has a different number of classic preset programs. Additionally the top consoles include the manufacturer’s exclusive Sprint8 program for eight weeks of high intensity interval training, a program proven to help people lose more than 25% of body fat without diet changes. A third type of training experience, Virtual Active video, is built into the top consoles as well. Virtual Active videos respond to your workout pace to simulate biking through popular destinations around the world. All three consoles can show these interactive sorts of video on a home TV if connected to a Passport Player.
  • Data Sharing: All Matrix home exercise bikes have ViaFit connectivity for easy wireless sharing of fitness stats with other health equipment and mobile apps.
  • Customizable Seats: To suit riders of different sizes the bike seats are easily adjustable, in most cases with a lever. Matrix recumbent bikes have especially comfortable high-backed seating. The seats on all four bikes have universal stems for customization as well.
  • Multiposition Handlebars: Handlebars on the upright bikes are multiposition for comfort and supporting different riding styles.
  • Extras: Each bike includes an accessory tray and an integrated water bottle holder. Depending on console choice, riders also get extras such as a touch screen, a web browser, speakers and integrated mobile apps for social media, watching TV shows and more.
  • High Capacity: The upright and recumbent bikes can safely hold up to 350 pounds.
  • Warranty: Matrix equipment carries long warranties. Owners get either five or seven years of parts coverage and five for electronics. The frames are under lifetime warranty and labor is free for two years.

The Not-So-Great:

Matrix fitness machines cost more with the top consoles; the advertised prices generally only include a standard console. Other extra expenses (optional) can be wireless chest straps, a Passport Media Player and extra Virtual Active videos.

Who Should Choose the Matrix Fitness Bike Brand?

Matrix is a high-end brand for customers who want all-around high quality from biomechanics to electronics to customer service. Their home exercise bikes each can hold up to 350 pounds, and the collection offers a good match for every skill level and workout goal.

The Bottom Line

Matrix exercise bikes meet a wide range of skill levels and have customizable features from the pedals to the consoles. These bikes cost more than others do, but they also carry longer warranties for home use.