Mother’s Day Deals On Exercise Bikes

We’re five months into the year, and how many times have you heard Mom making comments about being more active or getting back in shape? If the answer is at least once (or even better, several times), picking her up a top rated exercise bike might be a good idea this Mother’s Day.

Now I know what you’re thinking; gifting someone fitness equipment is asking for trouble. Believe it or not, we’ve seen some interesting survey data that proves otherwise. Combine that intel with the fact that so many brands are now offering up special Mother’s Day deals each year, and you’re looking at a way to give a solid gift and save money in the process.

Not to worry, it’s not like anyone is keeping tabs on who you’re shopping for. If you’re the culprit that’s been procrastinating about their New Year’s resolutions, there’s nothing wrong with doing a little shopping for yourself either. The majority of our favorite brands are all going to be offering up deals around the holiday, including the five below.

Shop NordicTrack Mother’s Day Deals Here


Shop Pro-Form Mother’s Day Deals Here


Shop Diamondback Mother’s Day Deals Here



Shop Life Fitness Mother’s Day Deals Here


Shop Echelon Mother’s Day Deals Here


What To Look For In Mother’s Day Deals

These days brands are getting better and better at discounting products site-wide, so it doesn’t really matter whether you’re looking for something top of the line or something more affordable. Depending on the brand you’re leaning towards, holiday sales like this one will make all the difference, as not all brands discount their products regularly. Other brands on the other hand—Echelon in particular—quite frequently will run sale and deals on any given day of the week, making it less paramount to keep an eye on special holiday deals. That said, when they’re competing against sales from NordicTrack, Pro-Form, and others, there’s a good chance that they’ll discount a touch more to ensure they stay competitive.

A man riding an exercise bike while looking at the display console.

Web Versus In Store—Why And How We Can Help

With certain equipment some will argue that there’s benefit in getting into a fitness store or gym to see, touch, and feel your next exercise bike. While there is certainly some merit to that argument, it won’t necessarily ensure that you wind up with the right bike or the best deal. We are fitness professionals here, and we take our review and vetting process very seriously. We’ve seen, touched, and felt the best exercise bikes in the industry, we’ve compared warranties, researched the after-sales customer service, and even tackled the assembly process of several of the exercise bikes on the market today. Seeing a bike in-store “in the metal” and chatting with a sales associate is handy, no doubt, but even his or her experience will more often be limited to the brands that the store carries.

The other part of the equation is price. While you might see what seems like a good deal if a retailer is having some sort of closeout sale, but these days brands are quite savvy, and do their best to offer equal if not better pricing to buy directly. They also will end up including delivery and assembly the majority of the time, which isn’t necessarily the case with a brick-and-mortar retailer.

At the end of the day, we’re here to help guide you decision no matter where you choose to shop, and if we can steer you in the direction of the perfect exercise bike for your needs, then we’ve done our job.

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