NordicTrack Commercial S10i Review

This model has been discontinued. See below for the best alternative model.


If you’re after a quality bike that offers a number of excellent features to make your ride more enjoyable, you are going to love the NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle.
Nordictrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle Read our review
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NordicTrack Commercial S10i Review

This model has been discontinued. See below for the best alternative model.


If you’re after a quality bike that offers a number of excellent features to make your ride more enjoyable, you are going to love the NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle. NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle Read our review

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Meet the NordicTrack Commercial S10i Studio Cycle, a new exercise bike with iFit Coach and 10” video screen. Full price for this high-tech ride is $2,229 including a warranty and standard delivery. The S10i is the more affordable bike of two in NordicTrack’s Commercial Studio Cycle Series; the S22i ($2,999) is identical except for its 22” screen. For each machine the highlight is exercising with video of high quality studio gym classes. The iFit Coach app helps you choose from the library, and each video’s personal trainer speaks to the camera to create a sort of in-studio experience.

This new NordicTrack indoor bike series is inspired by the Peloton studio bike, which is popular largely for its wifi connection to spin bike classes at Peloton’s gym in New York City. The NordicTrack S10i is priced almost the same as the Peloton bike ($1,999 versus $1,995). Both bikes are sold with $39/month training memberships. How do the setups compare?

  • Peloton lets you participate in live studio classes: The company broadcasts live classes around the clock, and Peloton bikes have cameras with two-way audio to let you interact with instructors and classmates. Additionally Peloton lets you download prerecorded classes. You can choose from thousands of spin bike classes, plus there’s a small selection of videos for simulated outdoor rides, yoga and other strength/flexibility training.
  • With NordicTrack all the iFit Coach spin classes are prerecorded… so the downside is missing out on social interaction. Also, comparing Peloton and NordicTrack we see that Peloton’s selection of spin classes is much larger. But the iFit Coach advantage is comprehensive personal training; it’s not limited to studio classes nor a focus on biking. One benefit of the iFit Coach mobile app is access to a wide range of exercise classes in categories such as martial arts, weightlifting and yoga. Another benefit is unlimited possibilities for virtual outdoor biking with Google Maps Street View. Virtually tour the world! Additionally the iFit Coach app can help track calories, count your daily steps, make recipe suggestions and much more.

Key specs for the NordicTrack S10i include the 10” HD screen; a steel frame with 350-pound capacity; multi-grip handlebars; 22 levels of magnetically controlled resistance; and automated incline adjustment with settings from -10 to +20 percent. The seat position is adjustable, and both the saddle and pedals can be replaced with parts for standard road bikes.

This studio cycle is also equipped with an iPod-compatible sound system, a fan and a contact heart rate monitoring system. It’s compatible with a wireless heart rate transmitter (not included).

Purchased factory-direct the Commercial S10i Studio Cycle carries a lifetime warranty on its frame, three years on parts, and one year on labor.

The Great

  • 10” HD Touchscreen: The S10i Studio Cycle is named for its 10-inch touchscreen with HD resolution. The screen is paired with a sound system for iFit Coach workouts, plus the speakers can amplify your music.
  • On-Demand Cycling Classes: With the S10i and an iFit Coach membership, you can ride with a bike class anytime. All you’ll need is a good wifi connection. Each bike class workout is led by a credentialed personal trainer, and it’s filmed in a way that helps you feel immersed in the pro gym studio.
  • Adjustable Saddle: To fit different riders the NordicTrack saddle is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. The saddle is padded to help make rides comfortable. It’s also interchangeable with seats for outdoor bikes.
  • Caged Pedals: To give you extra stability during intense cycling, NordicTrack studio cycles have pedal cages. The S10i is also compatible with road bike pedals, giving you the option to train with clip-in cycling shoes.
  • Compact Steel Frame: Compared with most home fitness machines the S10i is very space-friendly. This bike is just 55” long and about two feet wide. Even so, steel construction lends it a 350-pound user weight capacity.
  • Emergency Stop: You can quickly stop this trainer by pushing a brake lever.

The Not-So-Great

  • Assembly: Assembling this fitness machine isn’t so easy. The bike has more than 150 parts, and for safety two people should assemble it together. We’d rather skip the frustration and pay extra for setup… although that makes delivery cost $249 instead of being free.
  • Price: This bike is rather high priced for its expected longevity. It might serve well for several years, but it’s not as durable as a Peloton.
  • Screen Size: At 10 inches the screen size is impressive, but obviously smaller than what you’d get on the NordicTrack Commercial S22i or the Peloton studio cycle.
  • Slow Customer Service: This brand’s phone wait times for customer service tend to be long.

Who Should Use The NordicTrack Commercial S10i Studio Cycle?

The NordicTrack S10i is for people seeking high-energy cardio exercise plus total-body strengthening. With 22 tension settings it offers light to strong resistance for your lower body. With iFit Coach guidance and a set of three-pound weights, it helps you include upper body exercise in your spin class workouts.

NordicTrack’s bike studio videos help make the S10i appealing to people who like personal trainers’ tips and encouragement. However, bikes in the Studio Cycle Series aren’t meant for people seeking real-time communication with their instructors and classmates (unlike the Peloton bike). A trade-off is that the S10i is a great option for people interested in the many extra benefits of iFit Coach, especially the virtual outdoor tours with Google Maps. iFit Coach membership gives you customized Google Maps suggestions everyday, plus you can draw customized paths anytime.

The Bottom Line

Fitness machines with iFit Coach are popular for letting you experience a new workout every day. Exercise never feels too predictable or repetitive, and the app makes it easy to find or create ideal challenges. The S10i Studio Cycle represents a new generation of iFit Coach training because it includes on-demand access to spin class videos. For a low monthly fee you can train with the motivating guidance of expert coaches.

Comparing this exercise bike with the Peloton, a big consideration is whether you’d prefer getting the benefits of live class participation with Peloton, or all the benefits of iFit Coach with NordicTrack. You can learn more about iFit at the NordicTrack website.

NordicTrack Commercial S10i Specs

Console display10” Smart HD Touchscreen
Compact storageno
Seat typeErgonomic Padded Saddle
ProgramsiFit Interactive
FlywheelInertia-enhanced Flywheel
Weight350 LBS
Dimensions55.0" L x 21.9" W x 54.8" H

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