NordicTrack GX 3.0 Review

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NordicTrack GX 3.0 Review

The GX 3.0 Indoor Sport Cycle was designed for outdoor bike enthusiasts. It has the heaviest flywheel of any NordicTrack exercise bike, and it…

NordicTrack GX 3.0 Specs


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NordicTrack’s indoor GX 3.0 Sport Indoor Cycle is a hit with serious riders. Training is all up to you! Unlike other exercise bikes by NordicTrack, this unit is sold without a console. Resources have been poured into a heavy flywheel and frame instead of workout routines and online connections. A chain drive is used to help replicate the feel of riding a traditional bicycle.

Essentials include a 44-pound flywheel, adjustable handlebars and a sturdy steel frame.

The regular price for the NordicTrack GX 3.0 Sport Cycle is $999. However, recently the price dropped to just $399 on sale. Here are pros and cons about the purchase.

The Great

  • Massive Flywheel: The 44-pound flywheel makes the GX 3.0 Indoor Sport Cycle a bike for serious riders. For comparison, other NordicTrack exercise bikes have 19-pound drives.
  • Unique Design for Bikers: People who love riding outdoors will especially appreciate this stationary bicycle’s engineering. Like road bikes, it has brakes for quick stops. It also has an innovative flywheel design with a chain.
  • Manual Tension Control: Nowadays most new stationary bikes are made with digital resistance control. That has a certain high-tech appeal, but it’s also one more thing that can go wrong. Manual tension control might also be preferable because it’s a bit more like controlling a regular bike.
  • Flip Pedals: Pedals on the NordicTrack GX 3.0 Indoor Sport Cycle give you two options. On one side they have caged toes to support stability at high speeds. On the other side they have straps and give your feet more room to reposition.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: The handlebars can be adjusted vertically to suit people of different heights. However, customer reviews warn that this bike is too big for petite trainees.
  • Compact Size: This bike takes up little space. Its footprint measures just under 49″ x 20″.

The Not-So-Great

The NordicTrack GX 3.0 Indoor Sport Cycle supports great workouts and has an excellent sale price. However, it’s definitely worth noting that there’s a very short warranty (90 days) for all parts but the frame. Other NordicTrack bikes have their parts under warranty for two or three years. (On the other hand, they have more parts.)

A common customer complaint about the GX 3.0 Sport Cycle is that the seat is very hard. Some customers have gone so far as to switch out the seat — so maybe figure a new seat into the purchase price.

You’ll also notice that there’s absolutely no programming. Other stationary bikes have plenty of preset workouts that you can use at different resistance levels.

Finally, the NordicTrack GX 3.0 Sport Cycle lacks high-tech features that are found on many other models. Below are examples of features not found on this unit. These are included on various ProForm machines meant for avid bikers.

  • Incline/Decline: Experience real-life hills and valleys, virtually. Exercise bikes by ProForm can simulate inclines and declines of up to 20%! The incline and decline can be controlled manually or by preset programs. The incline/decline feature is included on the ProForm TDF 2.0, among other ProForm bikes.
  • iFit: iFit lets you virtually bike around the world after charting a route with Google Maps. Some bikes are pre-loaded with dozens of routes that look great from a bike seat!
  • Web-Enabled Touchscreen: Web-enabled touch-screens make it convenient to catch up on news, read your email and watch YouTube during workouts.
  • Tablet Computer Holder: Ideal for multi-taskers, stationary bikes with tablet computer holders let you view your apps and files at eye level.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: Bluetooth or Polar wireless technology is built into other exercise bikes. Since knowing your heart rate can lead to better workouts, it’s a good idea to buy a heart rate monitor if your bike doesn’t include one.

Who Should Use The NordicTrack GX 3.0 Indoor Sport Cycle?

The NordicTrack GX 3.0 Indoor Sport exercise bike could be a bargain for an outdoor biking enthusiast. On rainy days they’ll enjoy intense indoor biking with the sensation of a traditional bicycle. On the other hand, people who need distractions in order to train would probably prefer a different unit.

The Bottom Line

The NordicTrack GX 3.0 Indoor Sport Cycle has lots of appeal for biking enthusiasts. Its warranty is poor but the product is durable. If you just want an indoor bike with a heavy flywheel and great feel, then here you go! If you’d rather have a capable bike with workout programming and entertainment, then check out deals from ProForm and other competitors.

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