Stryde Bike vs MYX Fitness

The battle of the home studio bikes rolls on with competition intensifying each season. And now comes the Stryde Bike and MYX Fitness Bike to the starting line, both built for suit budget-conscious home fitness fans, with high-tech workout programming to boot. This match-up in particular offers customers a great set of choices, particularly in terms of the resistance employed and the online workouts offered. In terms of continued specials and discounts going forward, keep in mind there’s always a deal somewhere. Meanwhile, both the Stryde Bike and MYX Fitness Bike are relatively new incarnations so it’s wide open in terms of future advancements.

In terms of price, the Stryde Bike comes in at $1,595 versus the MYX Fitness Bike at $1,299. Both bikes feature $29 per month fitness apps, but the Stryde Bike brings the option of going app-less, or being used in conjunct with any other online program. The MYX Fitness Bike offers traditional friction resistance using a whopping 41 lb flywheel, whereas the Stryde Bike utilizes silent magnetic resistance. Both offer a 21.5-inch screen, but the Stryde Bike features an unlocked Android platform with live web browser, which really opens up the options.

So how does the MYX Fitness Bike and the Stryde Bike compare? Let’s start with the build specifications.

  MYX Fitness Bike Stryde Bike
Footprint 54″ x 21″ x 47″ 4 feet long by 2 feet wide
Weight Capacity 350 lbs. 350 lbs.
Frame Welded Steel Welded Steel
Resistance 41 lb flywheel Magnetic flywheel resistance system
Drive Belt Belt
Console Features 21.5-inch HD Touchscreen


21.5-inch HD Touchscreen
Check Price Check Price




The MYX Fitness Bike comes in slightly larger at 54 inches x 21 inches x 47 inches, compared to the Stryde Bike at 4 feet x 2 feet. These measurements matter in terms of spacing for one’s home, and it’s really up to the consumer to determine whether that extra 6 inches in length is a deal-breaker. To that extent, taller users might favor the longer bike. Both bikes offer seat adjustment and other means of adaptation, so in the end, it’s comparable enough that we would consider this something to note. 

Winner: Tie

Weight Capacity

The bike’s weight capacity does play a role for some folks as it gives some indication of overall stability. Here we see both bikes offering equal weight capacity at 350 lbs, which is among the best in the industry. Other competitors often top out at 305 lbs. Even if the user doesn’t weigh that much, consider that they could still remain confident that standing while riding a sprint would be safe on these bikes.

Winner: Tie


And herein lies the big difference. The Stryde Bike offers silent magnetic resistance with up to 100 levels, while the MYX Fitness Bike brings an admittedly whopping 41 lb flywheel. With friction-based resistance, the weight of the flywheel is what determines the stability of the ride, as well as how smoothly the bike operates. A 41 lb flywheel is easily among the best in the industry and offers up to 100 levels. That said, the magnetic system runs silently as magnets move closer or further from the flywheel without noise or friction. Overall, the magnetic system tends to require less to maintain it and is silent, whereas the flywheel does offer a whirring noise.

Winner: Stryde Bike


Both bikes utilize a belt drive system connecting the pedals to the flywheel, thereby creating a smoother ride. This has been found to be more favorable than the chain-driven system found on other bikes.

Winner: Tie

Exercise Programming

The big difference between most home studio equipment and the Stryde Bike is in the exercise programming offered. The Stryde Bike’s app, at $29 per month, offers multi-point training from indoor cycling clubs such as the High Ride Cycle in Denver, the Vibe Ride in Atlanta, the Ride House in Dallas, RideBike Studios in Miami, and City Cycle in Seattle. With hundreds of classes available by way of the app, new programs are loaded ever day. Classes run the full spectrum of styles and goals. That said, if the user doesn’t want to continue that subscription service, they can utilize the 21.5-inch screen and its unlocked Android platform with web browser to hook into any number of other exercise apps, or Netflix, Hulu, or simple web surfing. This means greater freedom in choosing which programs one uses, and even allows riders to work on business or check emails while exercising. One can select “Free Ride” and get the standard workout data in terms of exercise feedback. One drawback of note is that the Stryde Bike does not offer any built-in heart rate monitoring, so users would have to get their own.

The MYX Fitness Bike meanwhile brings a high-quality app at $29 per month, which not only affords users personalized workout videos and one-on-one coaching, but the MYX Zone Calibration Ride which customizes heart rate training to the individual. With a swiveling screen, users can get down on the floor and mix up the workout with dumbbells, yoga, or any other forms of exercise. With the MYX Fitness community, heart rate is a key concept as opposed to resistance, and workout instructors will work to tailor the drills to suit personalized goals. The MYX Fitness Bike’s app can be utilized with any other device, from watches to phones, meaning users can take it anywhere they go and maintain their workout stats.

That all said, we really like the idea of an unlocked platform which affords users the ability to hook into any other workout app or program, use none at all, or even check their emails.

Winner: Stryde Bike

Pricing and Value

The MYX Fitness Bike comes in at $1,299 as opposed to the Stryde Bike’s $1,595, a purchase price difference of $296. Both offer a comparable 12-month warranty. Both offer a $29 per month app, which would run $348 per year. That said, the Stryde Bike can be used independently of the $348-year app, and to that extent, we see great value. Users can hook into any other app of their choice, or simply watch movies and listen to music.

Winner: Stryde Bike


The two big advantages we see to the Stryde Bike are the magnetic resistance system and the workout app. There’s no question the MYX Fitness Bike is a great buy, and if one does prefer the sound and feel of friction resistance, they can trust that a 41 lb flywheel is among the best on the market. But across the board we’d have to go with the Stryde Bike’s magnetic resistance and unlocked platform which works with any app.

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