Best Exercise Bikes

Find the best exercise bike! We make your search easier. After writing hundreds of fitness machine reviews, we’ve listed the world’s best exercise bikes by type: recumbent, upright stationary and indoor cycle trainer.

What makes a bike “the best” in our judgment? The best exercise bikes provide exceptional value. They offer consumer-friendly combinations of durability, comfort, features and price. (To make the cut, a bike needs to operate quietly too!) Our lists include exercise bike deals at different price points, and machines for different types of trainees… hopefully steering each reader in a helpful direction.

The lists below feature the best exercise bikes from several all-around top brands. Also in the mix are a few popular products that might not score well in one category, but sure are eye-catching in another. Our reviewers aren’t biased, get honest human advice! Here are our top three exercise bikes in the categories of recumbent, stationary upright, and indoor cycle trainer.

Best Recumbent Bikes


Recumbent bikes are especially gentle on the body. Featuring high-backed seats, these bikes let riders lean back with support. The main advantages of recumbent bikes over traditional stationary bikes are 1) lower-impact exercise and 2) a low and easy-to-access frame design. Such advantages make these bikes popular not only with physical therapy patients, but also with people in peak condition.

Our three favorite recumbent exercise bikes are NordicTrack’s VR25 Elite, which has a web-enabled touchscreen; Sole’s LCR Bike, which is a light commercial bike but also popular for home use; and the Vision R20, which has a great warranty.

#1 - NordicTrack Commercial VR25 Elite

The combination of a tablet holder, web browser and touchscreen, 35 built-in programs and iFit makes this unit engaging for almost anyone...

#2 - Sole LCR

The Sole LCR Light Commercial Bike is a comfortable and reliable exercise bike for shared workout spaces...

#3 - Vision R20

The Vision R20 Recumbent Bike is a top product for home gyms. It can be equipped for different workouts, whether basic or luxurious, and has a long warranty...

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Best Stationary Bikes

The classic stationary bike is the upright exercise bike. Compared with recumbent bikes, upright exercise bikes let riders burn calories more quickly. Still, they are low-impact if compared with indoor cycle trainers or spin bikes. Classic stationary bikes are popular with shoppers aiming to lose weight, get cardio exercise and tone the lower body. Some are helpful for more intense strength training too.

Our three favorite stationary bikes are the bulletproof Assault Fitness Airbike for all levels, the NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro with 32 built-in programs and wireless heart rate monitoring and the Vision U40.

#1 - Assault Fitness Airbike

The Assault Fitness Airbike is designed for almost anyone seeking full-body training. It can fit a wide range of heights -- and the bike will never be...

#2 - NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro

The GX 4.4 Pro Stationary Bike is a bring ­your ­own ­tablet exercise bike. It includes 28 workouts and can be used with iFit...

#3 - Vision U40

The Vision U40 Upright Bike is a great choice for home gyms and also available with a light commercial warranty. It can be tailored to different tastes...

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Best Indoor Cycles

Indoor bikes, also called spin bikes or indoor cycle trainers, are favored by serious bikers. Heavy flywheels on these fitness machines are engineered to reproduce the sense of inertia that cyclists feel outdoors. Compared with other stationary bikes, indoor bikes enable intense calorie burn. Plus, they make it possible to isolate different muscle groups: Riders can stand up on the pedals, which they can’t do with ordinary stationary bikes.

Our three favorite indoor bikes are led by the high-end Keiser M3 Plus, which first gained popularity in commercial gyms. A more feature-rich choice is the ProForm Studio Pro 22 as well as the Sole SB900.


#1 - Keiser M3 Plus

The Keiser M3+ Indoor Cycle is built especially for spinners. It has light to powerful computerized tension and allows for a variety of handlebar grip positions...

#2 - ProForm Studio Pro 22

Named for its 22-inch touchscreen and live studio classes, the Studio Pro 22 Exercise Bike is ProForm's most engaging stationary bike yet...

#3 - Sole SB900 Light Commercial

The powerful Sole SB900 is engineered to support competitive training, body sculpting and weight loss. Its heart is a 48-pound flywheel that spins with quiet ...