Entry Level. For Home Gyms, Sole’s Most Affordable Upright Bike

Sole B94 Review

8.75Total Score
Sole B94 Review

Entry Level. For Home Gyms, Sole’s Most Affordable Upright Bike

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Sole B94 Review
Sole B94 Review

Designed to help beginners and intermediate trainees lose weight, get toned, and build strength. Its specs include a 26-pound flywheel, a 9" screen and 10 preset workout programs.

The new Sole B94 Stationary Upright Bike is the lowest-priced upright exercise bike from Sole Fitness. While it has some high-end features, this compact unit is intended for home gyms and not commercial settings. Its key features are a durable steel frame, a 26-pound flywheel and a 9″ LCD with 10 workout programs. This bike’s upper resistance levels will challenge beginners and mid-level trainees, but not the most experienced cyclists.

Compared with the earlier version, the new Sole B94 bike gets a back handlebar to help with storage, plus additional variables on the data screen (RPM and watts).

The Sole B94 Upright Bike originally sold for $1,499, but setting that high price seems to have been a marketing strategy. This bike almost always goes for just $799 when buying direct. The sale price includes standard delivery and a generous warranty.

The Great:
  • Sturdy Frame: Sole bike frames are virtually indestructible. All have lifetime warranties and are built from heavy steel tubing with aluminum shrouding. The B94’s upright frame weighs about 100 pounds and has a 300-pound weight limit.
  • Compact Size: The Sole 94 has a small footprint of just 44″ x 23″. It is 55″ high.
  • Quiet Operation: Exercise at home without disturbing the peace! Sole indoor bikes are “whisper quiet.” An eddy current resistance system on the B94 helps ensure a smooth transition between 20 challenge levels.
  • Smooth Drive: The B94 Stationary Upright Bike has a 26-pound flywheel. It provides a relatively smooth ride and a good range of resistance for many home cyclists.
  • Built-In Training Programs: This model allows for 10 preset programs to bring organization to your workouts and make it easy to get working. There are two heart rate controlled workouts and six standard programs such as Hill and Interval. Two user-designed programs can be saved. The workouts and data are shown on a 9″ LCD.
  • Workout Data: The LCD shows speed, time, distance, resistance, pulse, watts and RPM.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: A complete wireless telemetry system on the B94 bike (chest strap included) helps trainees make the most of workouts and assess fitness progress. Additionally, for a non-wireless option, grip heart rate sensors are included on the handlebars. The heart rate monitoring systems can be used with two pulse-controlled workout programs.
  • Comfortable Pedals: Sole Fitness designs bikes with narrow pedal spacing or low Q factors. This promotes the body positioning for ergonomically correct workouts. Pedals on the B94 bike tilt inward 2° and have straps for safety.
  • Adjustable Seat: The B94 bike saddle can be moved up and down. It is gel-cushioned for comfort and can be exchanged with any standard bicycle seat.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: The handlebars can be adjusted up and down, forward and backward for a perfect fit.
  • Audio: Get motivated by music! A jack and speaker system for an iPod or other MP3 player are built into the console.
  • Water Bottle Holder: The Sole B94 Upright Bike has a handy bottle holder for hydrating during workouts.
  • Fans: To help keep you cool, workout fans are integrated with the console.
  • Easy to Move: Like other Sole exercise bikes, the B94 Stationary Upright has integrated transport wheels. Unlike the others, it also has a rear spoiler or handlebar to make moving the machine even easier.
  • High Capacity: The max user weight capacity is 300 pounds.
  • Warranty: The B94’s discount price of $799 includes a lifetime guarantee on the frame, three years on electronics and parts, and a year of in-home labor.

The Not-So-Great:
  • Not Like a Road Bike: Exercise bikes have different feels. Sole’s SB900, for example, mimics the feel of a road bike. The B94 Stationary Upright Bike gives more of an “indoor bicycle” sensation. That’s because it has a lighter flywheel, which makes the machine cost less and be easier to move.
  • Some Cheap Parts: Although the frame is well-made, some parts of the bike (such as its levelers and leg covers) are made from plastic. A small percentage of customers have reported that parts break not long after purchase.

Who Should Ride The Sole B94 Stationary Bike?

The Sole B94 Upright Bike can help beginners and mid-level trainers lose weight, get toned, or rebuild strength through rehabilitative training. It’s best for people who appreciate some exercise guidance and will take advantage of the built-in sound system.

The Bottom Line

The Sole B94 Stationary Upright Bike offers pretty good value to people working on weight loss, body toning or rehab. However, it is not as durable as other upright stationary bikes from this brand.

Sole B94 Specs:

Overall Score:8.75
Resistance:Eddy Current System
Flywheel:26 LBS
Weight Capacity:
Dimensions:44" L x 23" W x 55" H