XTERRA Fitness Exercise Bike Review

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XTERRA indoor bikes are known for heavy-gauge steel frames, smart biomechanics and overall durability. XTERRA bike models include the competition-focused Mountain Blazer 8.5 Indoor Cycle and the recumbent Switchback 4.5r. Both designs are considered in this XTERRA Fitness bike review.

XTERRA Fitness was founded in 2009 by the Taiwan-based global trade company Dyaco International. XTERRA Fitness is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has factories in Taiwan and China.

The Great:

  • Steel Frames: XTERRA uses heavy-gauge steel frames for both its bikes. The frames weigh about 100 pounds each, have 300-pound weight capacities, and are sold with lifetime warranties.
  • Heavy Flywheel on Mountain Blazer: Designed for people who love their road bikes, the XTERRA Mountain Blazer 8.5 has one of the heaviest flywheels in the industry. It is well-designed to make the Blazer mimic the performance of an outdoor bike. (The Switchback, on the other hand, has a much lighter drive.)
  • Quiet Operation: XTERRA indoor bikes are truly “whisper quiet.” With other exercise bike brands, we see many complaints about noisy operation.
  • Easy Assembly: Two people can assemble these bikes in about 30 minutes and remain friends. Also, these products are shipped in strong packaging. Even if a box is dented during shipment, the bike parts will very likely arrive in perfect condition.
  • Preset Workouts: Preset workouts are provided on the recumbent XTERRA Switchback but not on the Mountain Blazer. Among the presets on the Switchback are two heart rate controlled workouts. On both models, trainees get feedback about speed, distance, time and other performance factors.
  • Pedals: XTERRA pays good attention to ergonomics, and one place this shows is the pedals. Both bikes have small Q factors, or narrow gaps between the pedals. This is important for proper body alignment during biking. Also, XTERRA pedals are tilted inward for good biomechanics and have extra width to allow for repositioning of the feet. The Mountain Blazer 8.5 is SPD compatible; one side of the pedals can clamp onto bike shoes, and the other is for standard sneakers.
  • High Capacity: The user weight capacity is 300 pounds.
  • Comfortable Seats: Both bike models have exceptionally comfortable seats. The Switchback 4.5r has an adjustable chair-like seat with ventilated lumbar support. The Mountain Blazer’s molded and cushioned seat is designed for comfort during long rides. It can, however, be replaced with any standard road bike seat.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: Adjustable ergonomic handlebars make the bike suitable for people of different sizes. Adjustments can be made quickly.
  • Overall Size: These fitness machines require relatively little floor space. The Switchback 4.5r, which is the larger of the two bikes, has a 55” x 28” footprint.

The Not-So-Great:

  • Warranty: Both XTERRA indoor bike models have the same sales price and warranty. Originally these machines cost $999 but now they sell for $799 each. Their warranties include lifetime coverage on the steel frames, which is of course excellent, but just one year for the other components and labor. We’d expect to see a two-year or three-year parts warranty on well-made machines like XTERRAs. On the other hand, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee on all bike purchases. This is some good protection in the odd event that you receive a lemon.
  • Grip Heart Rate Monitoring: While the Mountain Blazer 8.5 has wireless heart rate monitoring, the Switchback 4.5r uses handlebar grips. This isn’t as convenient or as accurate as the wireless option.
  • Lighter Flywheel on the Recumbent Bike: The XTERRA Switchback 4.5r is a comfortable ride, but it only has a 22-pound flywheel. Unlike the Mountain Blazer, it isn’t meant to replicate the feel of a road bike.

Who Should Choose a bike from XTERRA?

XTERRA offers good value to any sort of biker: the avid outdoor cyclist, the person interested in weight loss, and the trainee recovering from surgery or injury. While the Mountain Blazer 8.5 truly feels like a street bike, and can help you train for competition, the Switchback 4.5r provides exceptional comfort for people who’d rather recline and get some exercise guidance. Both XTERRA bike models are built for the long haul.

The Bottom Line

XTERRA Fitness offers above-average indoor bikes at a fair price. Their lineup is small — there are only two choices — but the durable options serve a wide range of shoppers. Consider their bikes for competitive training, weight loss, toning and rehab.

Testing these bikes at home is low-risk: Delivery is free, assembly just takes half an hour, and there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.