2015 ProForm Exercise Bike Black Friday Deals

Believe it or not, you don’t need to get up at 4 am to wait in lines of people for hours and hours to take advantage of the best Black Friday deals and sales for this upcoming holiday season. Black Friday deals and sales can be anywhere and everywhere, and if an exercise bike has made it on your holiday shopping list this year, you can expect some excellent discounts on top models by brands like ProForm. And it’s not just discounted prices that will be up for grabs; other special deals and offers like free shipping, extended warranties and extra items like workout mats or other gifts could also be offered!

Online hourly sales, door busters, incremental timed sales, special offers and deals released throughout the day; these are just some of the clever ways that retailers plan to keep customers engaged and coming back on Black Friday. Since you probably don’t have all day to drive store to store, or sit online searching for these deals or waiting it out for pop-up sales, that’s where we come in. We do all of the dirty work and bring you the Black Friday deals and sales worth paying attention to, especially on popular brands like ProForm.

ProForm impresses with their wide selection and variety of exercise bike models. In addition to their affordable upright bike series and recumbent bike series, they also offer some really unique, high-performance models. For example, the Tour de France Series features Google Maps so you can feel like you are really hitting the road following every route of the race. There’s also the hybrid series that’s like a 2-in-1 bike that can be used as either a recumbent bike or an upright bike. These make great gifts if you aren’t sure which model to go with. Finally, ProForm offers a line of cycle trainers that allow you to “train from the saddle of your familiar road bike- without leaving the house.” These trainers fold to carry and require no plug-in, making these the ideal gift for someone who’s on the go a lot and has their own road bike. These are also easier to box up and wrap, which is also a nice consideration for the holidays.

If you want to take advantage of 2015 ProForm Exercise Bike Black Friday Deals, we’ve got you covered! Not only can you use our trusted reviews to help you choose the right exercise bike, you can also be alerted to top Black Friday deals that may pop up last minute. And while you might be tempted to take advantage of discounted exercise bikes offered by big box retailers, we suggest that you wait it out because Black Friday deals, especially those offered direct from the manufacture, will almost always be better and well worth the wait!