This exercise bike is the leading model in the ProForm Studio Pro series. When on sale, we can see this new ride fanning out across America.

ProForm Studio Pro 22 Bike Review

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ProForm Studio Pro 22 Review

This exercise bike is the leading model in the ProForm Studio Pro series. When on sale, we can see this new ride fanning out across America.

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ProForm Studio Pro 22 Bike Review
ProForm Studio Pro 22 Review

Also highly adjustable is the screen placement: The bike's 22-inch screen can pivot a full 180 degrees. This lets you take advantage of all sorts of iFit Coach Plus courses when you're off the bike and across the room; choose from aerobics, martial arts, yoga and much more. To support cross training with cycling and other exercise, ProForm pairs the Studio 22.0 with a set of three-pound dumbbells. These can be stored in a holder attached to the bike frame.

Named for its 22″ touchscreen and live studio classes, the Studio Pro 22 Exercise Bike is ProForm’s most engaging stationary bike yet. The wide screen can deliver a new LiveCast cycling class in HD every day, so from the comfort of home you can immerse yourself in a bike studio’s energy and benefit from world-class coaching. This indoor cycle trainer also has the greatest incline-decline range in the Studio bike series: You can simulate uphill and downhill tours with up to 20% slope — and for especially true-to-life race training you can display actual street views of terrain for routes you draw with Google Maps in iFit Coach Plus. Custom settings for the Studio Pro 22 bike seat, handlebars and resistance help a wide range of bodies set up ideal ergonomic rides.

The Great:
  • 22-Inch Touchscreen: A 22″ touchscreen sets the Studio Pro 22 apart from ProForm’s lower bike models. Designed with 180° swivel, it can serve as your high-def display for exercise courses both on and off the bike.
  • LiveCast Classes: The combination of LiveCast classes and your own exercise bike can replace a gym membership. You can try a different session on-demand every day and ride along with a world-class certified fitness professional. LiveCast also gives you access to a wide variety of other cross training workouts to keep you moving both on and off your bike.
  • iFit Coach Plus: New bike owners register for a year of iFit Coach Plus, the most advanced iFit health and fitness training platform. This system goes beyond traditional iFit to offer ’round the clock health and fitness support in addition to top-notch exercise programs. You’ll get a wearable fitness device and can choose coaching for everything from exercise to meal planning and your sleep schedule.
  • Incline/Decline: The Studio Pro 22 has ProForm’s steepest bike incline and decline settings. With a range from 20% uphill slope to 20% downhill slope, it’s a favorite feature for allowing intense exercise sessions and a sense of realistic outdoor training. You can control the ramp angle on your own or set it to “auto-pilot” with preset workout programs. The most immersive rides available through iFit Coach Plus replicate real terrain and include streaming street views from Google Maps. Now you can virtually train for the Tour de France, tour the world or just ride through your childhood neighborhood from the comfort of home.
  • Upper Body Exercise: ProForm ships the Studio Pro 22 with a set of 3-lb dumbbells to help you cross train with your whole body. The weights are integrated with various video training programs, and for convenience they can be stored aboard the bike.
  • Frictionless Resistance: Patented Silent Magnetic Resistance lets ProForm Studio bikes make frictionless transitions among resistance settings. This helps the Studio Pro 22 serve quietly in your home. A different line of ProForm exercise bikes, the Road Series, uses digital gears.
  • Comfortable Seating: The Studio bike saddle is padded for comfort and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. It has a universal stem too, so you can install your own bike seat if desired.
  • Two Pedal Choices: For secure rides you have two pedal options. One side of each pedal has adjustable toe straps and the other side has shoe clips.
  • Watts Display: A round Watts display on the dashboard makes it easy to monitor your output. LED lights show whether you’re exercising in Endurance, Tempo or Peak exertion mode.
  • Convenient Water Bottle Holder: A water bottle holder is integrated with the bike frame to help you stay hydrated.
  • High Capacity: ProForm Studio bikes have user weight capacities of 350 pounds.
  • Easy to Move: Transport wheels are attached for easy repositioning of the bike. Levelers are also included.

The Not-So-Great:
  • Learning Curve: Understanding all the capabilities of the Studio Pro 22 could take awhile. The console technology isn’t as intuitive as what you get with simpler exercise bikes.
  • Extra Cost: Purchase of the bike includes a one-year subscription to iFit Coach Plus. The fee is $39/month.
  • Warranty: The parts warranty is valid for three years. While that’s a good amount of time, it’s not as generous as what you might expect for the bike’s retail price.


The Studio Pro 22 is best for riders interested in intense exercise and frequent workouts. It’s recommended for weight loss, weight management, strength training and cardiovascular toning.  ProForm Studio bikes can fit shorter and taller individuals alike, and each unit can support up to 350 pounds.

The Bottom Line

The ProForm Studio Pro 22 brings the gym experience to your home, pairing high-performance equipment with professional fitness coaching. While at first the 22″ screen might seem frivolous, it makes a significant difference to workouts by allowing highly immersive experiences — and since the screen can swivel, it doubles as a video workout monitor for your whole workout area.

If you choose the Studio Pro with a smaller screen instead, you’ll save hundreds of dollars but will miss out on the exceptional motivation that comes with nearly two feet of high-def display for LiveCast and iFit Coach Plus. If the Studio Pro 22 fits your budget, we consider this a top exercise bike experience out there and it’s a recommended buy at the $2,199 sale price.