A Stationary Cycle with Interactive Video & ViaFit

Horizon Elite U7 Upright Bike Review

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Horizon Elite U7 Upright Stationary Bike Review

A Stationary Cycle with Interactive Video & ViaFit

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Horizon Elite U7 Upright Bike Review
Horizon Elite U7 Upright Stationary Bike Review

The Horizon Elite U7 is especially strong on workout programming and fitness data management. Highlights include advanced data tracking, 25 program modes, and the option to play scenic videos that adjust to workout speed and intensity.

The Elite U7 Upright Stationary Bike is part of Horizon’s series designed for “intense workouts and lofty goals.” Its most exciting feature is compatibility with Passport Player, which is an interactive video workout system. Passport Player can work with a home TV to display video workouts that automatically adjust to the speed and intensity of a workout! Riders enjoy scenic views that help time fly by.

The more you know about your progress, the better you can keep pace with your goals. Thus the Elite U7 stationary bike also facilitates advanced data management. Its ViaFit connectivity can send data from home workouts to websites and fitness apps that you might already be using. Seamlessly sharing and charting data, ViaFit can create a useful overview of your athletic activity.

The Horizon Elite U7 sells for $829 (originally $1,199) with indoor delivery included. It has a lifetime frame warranty and three-year parts warranty. Below are factors we considered in our 9-star rating.

The Great:
The Elite U7 is especially strong on workout programming and fitness data management. Including that and more, here are some specific features that riders appreciate.

  • Built-In Programs: Riders get workout guidance with more than 20 quick-start programs that target goals for calorie burn, distance and performance. There’s also manual mode and room to save a custom workout.  
  • Passport Player: Passport Player is an optional feature with the Elite U7 Stationary Bike and some other Horizon Fitness bikes. It lets the trainee virtually bike through beautiful urban and rural settings such as a Parisian boulevard, a Californian desert, and dormant volcanoes in New Zealand. Passport’s high-definition  videos automatically adjust in response to the rider’s speed and intensity for a realistic immersive experience.
  • Data and ViaFit: The Horizon Elite shows distance, time, speed, RPM, watts and pulse along with resistance level and an estimate of calories burned. These data are shown on a wide 8.5″ LCD with soft blue lighting. Furthermore, for advanced yet easy to use data tracking, riders can use this stationary bike with ViaFit. ViaFit can integrate and chart fitness information from throughout your day — not just on the bike — to build an overall picture of fitness progress.
  • Smooth Resistance: An 18-pound flywheel spins and brakes virtually silently thanks to frictionless magnetic resistance. Tension is adjusted electronically (not with a knob).
  • Steel Frame: This bike has a steel frame that’s under lifetime warranty.
  • Interchangeable Pedals: The pedals feel just like those on a regular bicycle, but they have pedal cages. Owners can exchange these pedals for SPD pedals or others if desired.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Horizon Elite bikes have Polar wireless receivers and contact grips. The required chest strap for the wireless system is sold separately.
  • Adjustable: The Elite U7 has an extra wide gel seat. It is vertically adjustable. The handlebars are multiposition too. These features help most riders find a comfortable position.
  • Audio: Speakers are included for an MP3 player.
  • Water Bottle Holder: A water bottle holder is included.
  • High Capacity: The maximum user weight capacity is 300 pounds. The machine itself weighs 93 pounds.
  • Compact Size: Apartment friendly, the Horizon Elite U7 measures just 44″ long x 21″ wide x 58″ high.
  • Generous Warranty: The warranty is a good deal with the bike’s $829 sale price. It includes lifetime frame protection, three years on parts and one year of labor.

The Not-So-Great:

All of the above sound pretty great! Why wouldn’t you choose the Horizon Elite U7? Here are some possible drawbacks.

  • Passport Expenses: The Passport Player is not included. It normally costs $199. Besides that, you need Passport Player videos. Video sets cost $99 each. Each set includes lots of variety, but essentially Passport adds at least $300 to the price of this stationary bike.
  • Flywheel Weight: The 18-pound wheel is effective for muscle toning and weight loss. It will not, however, replicate the feel of a street bike. For that sort of experience you’d need an upright cycle trainer with 40-pound flywheel — and those are typically skimpy on fun features.

Who Should Choose the Horizon Elite U7 Upright Stationary Bike?

The Horizon Elite U7 Upright Bike is especially for people interested in weight loss or maintenance, muscle toning, and cardiovascular health. It provides useful preset programs and advanced data tracking to help people achieve these fitness goals. For an additional cost, the bike also caters to people seeking the luxury of immersive Passport Player videos.

The Bottom Line

The Horizon Elite U7 Upright Stationary Bike is a smooth-running fitness machine with a good warranty. Its most appealing feature is compatibility with Passport Player, which costs extra, but the bike is a good value nonetheless. Its built-in programs can guide riders through weight loss and weight maintenance, cardio training and sculpting the lower body.

Horizon Elite U7 Upright Bike Specs:

Overall Score:9
Resistance:Frictionless Magnectic
Flywheel:18 LBS
Weight Capacity:300 LBS
Dimensions:44" L x 21" W x 58" H