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The Labor Day 2018 holiday is upon us, and that means that we can bike around and pick up pumpkin spice lattes whenever we want! But it also means that not far from now, less than favorable biking conditions will be the norm outside, and you may be looking at an indoor bike to get you through to warmer days. This holiday weekend may have just the thing you were looking for (and at just the right price)!

No longer are exercise bikes just boring jaunts staring aimlessly at the (wall) space in front of you! More are equipped with lots of bells and whistles, including Bluetooth and interactive programs that let you ‘ride’ with friends, and Labor Day is great for snagging the best deals.

Traditionally, we have been led to believe the best prices on just about anything are during the winter holidays (Black Friday/Cyber Monday, for example) but the reality is fitness-minded people are looking for indoor workouts to battle cold-weather blahs, and starting with the Labor Day holiday, the Internet has brought us some pretty sweet deals.

So whether you’re a purist looking for an upright, a thrill-seeker who wants an adventure and is looking for a cycle trainer or a newbie/one who is looking for a recumbent to be a bit kinder to your joints—you’ll find exactly what you want and at a heck of a Labor Day deal!


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