Vision U70 Commercial Upright Bike Review

See below for the best alternative model.


Sole Lcb Bike Light Commercial Read our review

Vision U70 Commercial Upright Bike Review

See below for the best alternative model.


Sole LCB Bike Light Commercial Read our review

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Designed for busy commercial gyms, the Vision U70 Commercial Upright Stationary Bike is made with a heavy steel frame and other high-quality components. This bike’s long warranties on parts — seven years for residential buyers, five years for commercial — helps instill lots of confidence in the product.

Exclusive to Vision and Horizon Fitness exercise bikes is the Sprint 8 workout program. (It is one of 14 preset workout modes on the console.) According to Vision, riders using this eight-week program have lost up to 27% body fat without changing their diets. And like the other workouts, Sprint 8 also helps people gain muscle tone and get an energy boost.

A large LED screen provides easy-to-read data feedback. Heart rate monitoring is included. This stationary bike also has the extras you’d expect of a health club bike: a water bottle holder, reading rack and accessory tray.

This $2099 fitness machine (originally $2499) has a great warranty and no extra costs for energy use; the Vision U70 Commercial Stationary Bike uses self-generated power for the data screen. But is it the best bike for your workout room? Here are some pros and cons about choosing the Vision U70 for your home or fitness center.

The Great

  • Sturdy Steel Frame: Vision Fitness bike frames are virtually indestructible. The U70’s frame has a lifetime guarantee. It is built from heavy steel and has a 400-pound user weight capacity. At the same time, this bike is compact enough to use in an apartment! It weighs about 125 pounds.
  • Strong Resistance: The U70 has a 30-pound flywheel. This helps provides a smooth ride and a good range of challenge. There are 20 levels of resistance.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: The Vision U70 Commercial Upright Bike includes contact grips and a wireless heart rate receiver. (Chest strap not included.) The contact grips are located on the handlebars.
  • Preset Programs: This machine has an easy-to-use 9″ program screen with guidance for a variety of training goals. The program list has Manual, Sprint 8, Interval, Fat Burn, and Watts plus four heart rate programs: HRT Cardio, HRT Weight Loss, HRT Interval and HRT Hill. There is also room for five custom programs.
  • Data: The Vision provides an ample amount of workout data, more than most other stationary bikes do. Riders can customize the display to show specific fields. The options include Distance, Speed, Calories, RPM, Level, Watts, Time, METs, Heart Rate, Percent Heart Rate and Target Heart Rate.
  • High Capacity: This fitness machine has a 400-pound user weight capacity.
  • Adjustable Seat: The seat is adjustable with a chrome-plated ratcheting system.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: For rider comfort, handlebars on the U70 can take different positions.
  • Water Bottle Holder: The Vision U70 has an integrated water bottle holder.
  • Self-Generating Power: Save on energy costs with the Vision U70 Commercial. It generates power without pulling from the grid!
  • Footprint: The Vision U70 is a compact fitness machine. It has a footprint of just 41″ x 26″. It’s 56″ high.
  • Warranty: This product has a great warranty for the price. The frame has a lifetime guarantee. For residential use all parts and electronics are under warranty for seven years, and for commercial use the parts and electronics are protected for five years. Labor is provided during the first two years of ownership.

The Not-So-Great

It’s not easy to complain about this product. Keep in mind however:

  • No High-Tech Entertainment: This exercise bike has a reading rack, but it doesn’t have Internet or a hookup for MP3 players like some others do.
  • Not Especially Cushioned: Vision calls its bike seat the Club Comfort Arc. That sounds nice, but the seat isn’t especially ergonomic in our opinion. As with many exercise bikes, riders might want to add a gel seat cover.
  • Poly Belt: The resistance system is mechanical. It is absolutely built for the long-term, but it’s not a maintenance-free design. Many manufacturers are now using magnetic resistance instead.

Who Should Ride the Vision U70?

The Vision U70 Commercial Stationary Bike is a classic fitness machine for commercial gyms and can serve a household for many years. Its preset programs and wireless heart rate monitoring make the U70 very handy for weight loss, muscle toning and cardiovascular training.

The Bottom Line

The Vision U70 Commercial Upright Stationary Bike is a popular ride at gyms, and many riders are happy to bring it home. With good program variety, strong resistance and a seven-year parts warranty for residential use, the U70 is a very good buy.

Vision U70 Commercial Upright Bike Specs

Console displayStandard LED
ResistanceTwo-stage generator; 1 - 20
Seat typeClub Comfort Arc seat
Flywheel30 LBS
Weight400 LBS
Dimensions41" L x 26" W x 56" H

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