Stationary Bike with Media Dock & 16 Workout Programs

Diamondback 510Ub Upright Bike Review

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Diamondback 510Ub Stationary Bike Review

Stationary Bike with Media Dock & 16 Workout Programs

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Diamondback 510Ub Upright Bike Review
Diamondback 510Ub Stationary Bike Review

The Diamondback 510Ub Upright Bike is a best buy for shoppers seeking light to moderate resistance. It is the lowest-priced upright in Diamondback's collection, yet it has lots of programming and support for entertainment. This bike has 20 workout modes and a 14-pound flywheel.

The Diamondback 510Ub Upright Stationary Bike is a $699 “Best Buy” for shoppers seeking light to moderate resistance. It is the lowest-priced choice in Diamondback’s collection of upright bikes, yet it has lots of programming and support for entertainment. The console features 20 programs that can use 16 levels of resistance. Entertainment is supported with onboard speakers MP3 players, a USB port for an iPod or iPhone, and a foldaway magazine rack.

The Diamondback 510Ub is priced at $699 with shipping included. That includes three years of parts protection along with other warranty coverage. Below are details about this popular exercise bike’s many features.

The Great:

The Diamondback 510Ub Upright Stationary Bike is a top seller. Here are some reasons it gets good ratings.

  • 20 Workout Modes: Great variety! The Diamondback 510Ub Upright Stationary Bike has Quick Start buttons to make exercise sessions easier. There are eight traditional fitness machine workouts such as 5K and Hill Climb, four heart rate controlled workouts, a fitness test, and room to save a custom program.
  • Exercise Data: The workout data shown are Time, Intensity, Level, Calories, RPM, Speed, Distance, Watts, Pulse, and Percent Max Heart Rate. The multicolor screen has large readouts and is easy to use.
  • Quiet Operation: Virtually frictionless, this bike’s 14-pound flywheel spins and brakes very quietly. Magnetic resistance is used.
  • Sturdy Frame: This trainer has a heavy steel frame that’s under lifetime warranty. Its maximum capacity is 300 pounds. (The frame is very similar to that for the 910UB, but it is slightly smaller. The 910 UB has a 325pound user weight capacity.)
  • Integrated Media Center:  The Diamondback 510UB has console speakers for playing MP3s. A USB port can charge iPods, iPhones and other devices.
  • Magazine Rack: A foldaway magazine rack is included.
  • Water Bottle Holder: A water bottle holder is attached to the bike frame.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: The handlebars can be adjusted vertically and for different riding positions.
  • High Capacity: The 510Ub has a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Warranty: The bike is sold with limited lifetime coverage on the frame and brake, three years for parts and electronics, and one years of labor. Wear parts are covered for 90 days.

The Not-So-Great:

Although this bike is very popular, it’s not for everyone. Here are some potential drawbacks choosing the Diamondback 510Ub.

  • Difficult Assembly: This bike takes longer than most to assemble. Diamondback’s assembly service would add almost $280 to your bill.
  • Light Flywheel: the Diamondback 510UB has a 14-pound flywheel. It cannot support the intense workout sessions of the 910 UB or an indoor cycle trainer.
  • Handlebar Sensors: The handlebar sensors, which can be used to control the heart rate workouts, aren’t so accurate. A better wireless system is provided on the Diamondback 910UB.
  • Uncomfortable Seat: This bike’s seat is adjustable but not everybody finds a good height. Changes are made in 1-inch increments. Smaller increments would be better. Also, riders might like a gel cover for better comfort.
  • Fan: A three-speed cooling fan is built into the bike, but some riders find the positioning to be awkward. You might only catch a breeze if you lean over the console.
  • Magazine Rack: The magazine rack is useful. However, it blocks your view of the data screen.
  • AC Adaptor Required: An AC adaptor is included. This is required to run the machine. You can’t use batteries as you could with some other stationary bikes, so you’re somewhat limited as to where this machine can be placed.
  • No Transport Wheels: Other bikes have wheels attached, which makes moving them easy.

Who Should Ride the Diamondback 510Ub Upright Stationary Bike?

The Diamondback 510Ub Stationary Bike is best for beginners and intermediate indoor cyclists.  It’s effective for cardio training calorie burn and muscle toning. This bike can safely support up to 300 pounds.

The Bottom Line

The Diamondback 510Ub Upright Stationary Bike is a good buy for everyday weight loss, muscle toning and cardiovascular exercise. It’s not meant for advanced cyclists, but it’s a great choice for many individuals and families seeking lower-intensity bike training. The Diamondback 510UB has a low price and a good warranty.

Diamondback 510Ub Upright Bike Specs

Console displayBlue LCD
Resistance16 Resistance Levels
Seat typeAdjustable
Flywheel14 LBS
Weight capacity300 LBS
Dimensions41" L x 23" W x 58" H

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