BH Fitness Exercise Bike Review

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BH Fitness was established in the 1960s to make stationary bikes. It is part of the multinational company BH Group, which dates back more than 100 years. BH Group was formed by two brothers in Spain (the Beistegui hermanos), who specialized in manufacturing high quality steel products. Today the BH Fitness division sells exercise bikes, treadmills. and other fitness machines in dozens of countries. Their North American branch is based in California.

BH Fitness bikes are made primarily on the Iberian peninsula and in Mexico. The brand has an impressive reputation for quality control and customer service. It is a favored brand in commercial gyms, light commercial fitness centers, and private households worldwide.

BH Fitness Exercise Bike Series

BH Fitness makes upright bikes, recumbent bikes, and indoor cycle trainers. Most are sold with more than one warranty. Some qualify as commercial, light commercial, and residential bikes. Here are the various collections.

  1. SK Series – This is the premium BH Fitness series. It includes the SK8400 Recumbent Bike, the SK8500 Upright Bike and the SK8500TV Upright Bike. These units each have 40 program modes. They are built to withstand more than 8 hours of training per day and have self-generating power. Each is available with a commercial, light commercial, and residential warranty.
  2. LK Series – The LK Series is designed for light commercial facilities and home gyms. This series includes indoor cycle trainers as well as upright and recumbent bikes. The indoor cycle trainers provide up to 50 pounds of resistance. The upright and recumbent bikes have 26 workout modes and iConcept. iConcept lets the rider integrate an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. The mobile device can be used as the bike console to get program downloads, display workout data, and provide convenient access to the rider’s own apps.
  3. Signature Series – Bikes in the Signature Series are the lowest priced and only intended for home use. There are several upright and recumbent models to choose from. These have iConcept and 26 presets, just like the bikes in the more expensive LK Series.

The Great:

Here are some reasons why people choose BH Fitness exercise bikes.

  • Workout Programs: These bikes are sold with up to 40 preset workouts. The options are diverse, ranging from manual mode to interval training, fitness tests and heart rate control. Bikes with iConcept can download additional workouts based on real-life routes.
  • iConcept: iConcept ensures that these bikes will remain relevant for years to come. With iConcept you can use a mobile device as your workout screen, download new workouts or update old ones indefinitely, and run your own apps simultaneously.
  • Resistance: Resistance on BH Fitness bikes is smooth and quiet. The bikes are engineered to train a wide range of fitness levels and feature some of the heaviest flywheels in the industry.
  • Walk-Through Designs: The larger recumbent bikes by BH Fitness have walk-through designs. This is helpful for people with limited mobility.
  • Exercise Data: Each bike provides exercise data.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitors: Wireless heart rate monitoring and heart rate control are included on almost every bike, including the indoor cycle trainers.
  • Comfortable Seats: BH Fitness uses a variety of bike seats. Some have fore/aft and vertical adjustment. For uprights we especially like the gel-cushioned seat on the LK500Ui Upright Bike. For recumbents, the brand’s built-in fingertip controls for resistance are a nice touch.
  • Triathlon Handlebars: Some of the uprights and indoor cycle trainers have triathlon-style handlebars with elbow rests.
  • Fingertip Controls: Resistance controls are built right into the handlebars of some BH Fitness bikes.
  • Secure Pedals: BH Fitness varies its pedals with bike type. Some bikes have oversized pedals with no-slip grips. Some have ratcheting shoes straps. The indoor cycles have SPD compatibility and toe cages.
  • Water Bottle Holders: Most of the bikes have attached water bottle holders.
  • High Capacity: All of the bikes are high capacity. Those in the SK Series can hold up to 420 pounds.
  • Transport Wheels: Wheels are attached to the Signature Series and LK Series bikes.
  • Warranties: Generous warranties on BH Fitness bikes give parts protection for up to ten years.

The Not-So-Great:

Here are some potential drawbacks of choosing a BH Fitness bike.

  • No Fan: Bikes in the Signature Series and LK Series do not have personal cooling fans.
  • No Reading Racks: These bikes don’t have media racks for magazines.
  • Adjustability: Some of the bikes are quite adjustable to accommodate riders of various sizes, but others are not.

Who Should Choose BH Fitness Bikes?

BH Fitness serves shoppers with comfortable budgets who want their equipment to last long-term. BH Fitness bikes have long warranties and can support everything from gentle rehabilitative cycling to intense high-impact exercise.

The Bottom Line

BH Fitness is a top choice for fitness centers and high-end home gyms. The bikes are absolutely built for the long term. We especially like how iConcept (available on the light commercial and residential bikes) will keep the users stocked with fresh workouts and entertainment options.