BH Fitness LK700R Recumbent Bike

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BH Fitness LK700R Recumbent Bike

See below for the best alternative model.


woman on NordicTrack Commercial VR25 NordicTrack Commercial VR25 Elite Read our review

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The BH Fitness LK700R Recumbent is a durable exercise bike designed for commercial and light commercial settings. Its parts are protected for either three years or five years, depending on where the bike is used. Labor is covered for the first two years.

This bike is relatively simple; it doesn’t offer Internet, video workouts or other flashy features. Key specs are wireless heart rate monitoring, 12 preset workouts and self-generating power.

Data are shown on a classic LED screen with red lighting, and riders can alter the machine’s resistance with convenient controls on the handrails. Two water bottle holders are attached to the bike seat.

The LK700R Recumbent exercise bike is sold through representatives and dealers. It sells for under $3,000.

The Great

Here are some selling points for the BH Fitness LK700R bike.

  • Recumbent Seating: The LK700R bike seat feels sturdy and is well-cushioned. Handrails attached to the seat offer extra stability and have two special features: electronic resistance controls and contact heart rate sensors. The bike also has wireless pulse monitoring.
  • Walk-Through Frame: The LK700R Recumbent Bike is easy to access. It has a “walk-through” design that’s especially appreciated by people with limited mobility.
  • Self-Generating Power: Power for the console is generated by the pedaling. This eliminates energy costs and makes it convenient to place this cordless bike anywhere in a workout room.
  • Workout Programs: This exercise bike has 12 preset programs. One is controlled by the rider’s heart rate. Four user-designed programs can be saved.
  • Exercise Data: A bright red LED screen displays resistance, watts, speed, distance, time, calories, heart rate and other data.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The LK700R Recumbent Bike has a Polar wireless heart rate receiver and contact pulse sensors.
  • Resistance: This bike has 16 resistance levels that can be controlled automatically and manually.
  • Secure Pedaling: The bike pedals are oversized for comfort. They have SureGrip texturing and ratcheting shoe straps for stability.
  • Water Bottle Holders: Two water bottle holders are integrated with the recumbent seat.
  • Transport Wheels: Small transportation wheels make the bike easy to move.
  • Sturdy: The LK700R Recumbent Bike weighs about 120 pounds. It has a 330-pound maximum user weight capacity.
  • Warranty: This bike is sold with light commercial and commercial warranties. Customers get two years of free labor and either three or five years of parts protection. The frame has a lifetime warranty.

The Not-So-Great

Here are some potential disadvantages of choosing the BH Fitness LK700R Recumbent Bike.

  • No Mesh Seat Back: Most recumbent exercise bikes use a mesh material on their seats. This helps keep riders cool. BH Fitness opted instead for a well-cushioned seat that doesn’t allow much air flow.
  • No Fan: The bike doesn’t have a cooling fan.
  • No Entertainment Support: This bike doesn’t have a reading rack, a sound system for music, or an Internet connection. Some other BH Fitness bikes use iConcept, which lets the rider’s tablet computer serve as an Internet-connected workout screen.
  • Price: Prices for this bike aren’t published on the BH Fitness website; shoppers are urged to contact a dealer. We’ve seen this bike priced from $2849 to $2999 before negotiations. At those prices, we’d expect a bit more luxury.

Who Should Buy the BH Fitness LK700R Recumbent Bike?

The LK700R Recumbent is a good choice for commercial fitness centers. The warranty takes care of the parts and labor for a good length of time, and this bike doesn’t require external power.

The LK700R is meant to support a wide range of trainees. It can hold up to 330 pounds and is adjustable for different rider heights. This bike’s reclining position and range of resistance support low-impact cycling for physical rehabilitation, muscle toning, heart health and weight management.

The Bottom Line

The BH Fitness LK700R Recumbent is a reliable option for busy gyms. It’s understandably chosen by fitness centers worldwide. However, it lacks the modern programming and entertainment support found on other bike models in its price class. Because of this, the price seems a bit high.

What are some of the better options of bikes out there? For light commercial gyms we prefer the Sole LCR, which has more workouts and connects with the Internet. For commercial gyms the Precor 835 recumbent bike looks like a better value; it costs less and offers more than the LK700R.

BH Fitness LK700R Recumbent Bike Specs

Console displayClassic LED screen
Resistance16 Resistance Levels
Seat typeadjustable
Weight350 LBS
Dimensions63.9" L x 25.4" W x n/a H

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