Best Recumbent Bike Reviews of 2017

Exercise in comfort! Stationary recumbent bikes are the gentlest of all exercise bikes. Unlike upright stationary bikes that can be rough on your body, the best recumbent bikes have chair-like seats with comfortable cushioning and great lumbar support. They can relieve pressure from your back as you lean back to cycle, plus this type of seated biking is less jarring to joints in your ankles, knees and hips. This is partly because you exert less downward pressure than when seated upright.

Recumbent bikes are ideal for people with limited mobility or back pain — but these comfortable cardio trainers are also popular with riders in top form. After all, their design prevents the literal pain in the rear that some people experience with upright exercise bikes. Plus, using a recumbent exercise bike is less likely to bring muscle soreness the following day.
Calorie burn is less intense than it is with upright stationary bikes, but the best recumbent stationary bikes can still be excellent tools for weight loss. They’re also useful for rehabilitation, muscle toning and cardiovascular workouts.

Our favorite recumbent exercise bikes – which are also on our general best exercise bikes page – address three groups of shoppers. For people who love to be online, NordicTrack entices with web-enabled touchscreens, tablet computer holders and unlimited workout downloads. For riders most interested in powerful resistance, Diamondback Fitness beckons with 32-pound flywheels. Their best recumbent bike has dozens of built-in programs too, some of which are heart rate controlled. Finally, we suggest Sole Fitness to luxury shoppers and light commercial fitness room buyers. Sole’s best recumbent bike is made to light commercial standards and has an extra-long parts warranty for residential owners. Specs include a 30-pound drive, 10 preset programs and wireless heart rate control.

Model Rating Console Display Resistance Seat Type Programs Flywheel Pricing
1 NordicTrack Commercial VR25 Elite
7" Touchscreen 26 Levels Lumbar Support 35 25 LBS See Best Price
2 Sole LCR Light Commercial
10.1" TFT LCD EMS 1 - 40 Levels Adjustable 10 31 LBS See Best Price
3 Vision R20 Recumbent Bike
Extra-large LED ECB magnetic brake 1 - 20 Levels Breathable mesh seatback with lumbar support 5 23 LBS See Best Price

Ready for lots of choices? Browse our stationary recumbent bike reviews and choose your new ride! We’ve reviewed the spectrum from cheap recumbent bikes to elite fitness machines. Just click an image below to get an honest point-by-point review. We start off with the positives of each choice and then point out possible drawbacks.

Popular two-in-one fitness machines are reviewed here too. These recumbent bikes can also tone the upper body, so they’re sometimes called total body trainers. For example, the Yowza Naples Recumbent Trainer has moving arm bars, and the Avari Conversion II recumbent bike can be converted to a rowing machine.

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