This durable, one-of-a-kind airbike, is one of the best training bikes that's suitable for all types of users.

Assault Fitness Airbike Review

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Assault Fitness Airbike Review

This durable, one-of-a-kind airbike, is one of the best training bikes that's suitable for all types of users.

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Assault Fitness Airbike Review
Assault Fitness Airbike Review

The Assault Fitness AirBike is a best-in-class fan bike with excellent reviews from customers and personal trainers. Fan bikes are unique for offering infinite resistance levels; no matter what your strength, they’re ideal for everything from gentle rehab to serious cardio training and muscle toning. The Assault AirBike is sized to fit almost anyone’s body too. With its steel frame and virtually unbreakable design, this exercise bike is a top value at just $999.

Check out a bestseller, the Assault AirBike from LifeCORE’s Assault Fitness Products. At just $999 this popular exercise bike is a true bargain for total body training. The Assault Fitness AirBike supports ideal workouts for all skill levels by combining moving arm bars with ultra-smooth pedaling against fan air resistance. Its unique air resistance naturally adapts to fit your personal power and workout intensity, so it’s a match whether you’re an energetic kid, an adult in their prime, or someone who would benefit from gentle rehabilitative training. The Assault AirBike even has the US military’s seal of approval: Assault Fitness Products has a contract providing the bike for military physical training. The bike meets strict standards for low maintenance too… It can power through hundreds of thousands of training hours without acting up.

Built-in training programs can help anyone make the most of their exercise time. Read on for details about preset workouts and other features of the Assault Fitness AirBike.

The Great:

The Assault AirBike easily earns enthusiastic reviews. Here are some of its key points.

  • Sturdy Build: The Assault Fitness AirBike weighs about 100 pounds and has a solid steel frame with steel powder coating. All its bearings are sealed for stable, squeak-free, virtually no-maintenance operation. The bike’s maximum user weight capacity is 350 pounds.
  • Full Body Workouts: Unlike most exercise bikes the Assault AirBike is a total body trainer. Its movable handlebars can increase your calorie burn while toning your arms, chest, back and shoulders. The high quality bars are built with 2 mm steel tubing.
  • Optional Only-Upper-Body Workouts: In case you’d like to just exercise your arms, you can rest your feet on pegs placed above the bike pedals.
  • Unlimited Resistance: The Assault AirBike responds to your effort. It can be easygoing or a drill sergeant. This helps make it a great tool for virtually any trainee.
  • Workout Programs: Eight preset workout programs make it easy to exercise at your target heart rate, do interval training, and meet goals for distance, calorie burn and time. Each workout program offers just-right customization. A data screen shows total time, segment time, distance, speed, RPM, watts and heart rate.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: A Polar-compatible wireless heart rate receiver is included. Wireless chest straps are sold separately at checkout.
  • Low-Impact: The Assault Fitness AirBike can deliver intense workout sessions, but the cycling motion isn’t jarring to the body. Compared with many other stationary bikes it’s gentler to your joints.
  • Adjustable Seat: The Assault AirBike has an adjustable saddle to fit a wide range of heights. The bike seat can tilt and moves both horizontally and vertically. “Pop pin” knobs make adjustments easy. The seat is also shaped to feel comfortable during long workouts.
  • Assembly: This exercise bike is easily assembled. You can expect to complete the task within 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Based in the USA: The Assault Fitness AirBike isn’t likely to require servicing. But if you need help, you can count on high quality customer service from their Southern California headquarters.
  • Transport Wheels: Wheels are built into the bike for easy movement.
  • Warranty: The purchase price includes five years of frame protection and two years of parts protection.

The Not-So-Great:

The Assault Fitness AirBike gets almost unanimous positive customer reviews. One potential problem is a wobbly seat. However, the bike seat can be tightened or replaced with any standard outdoor bike saddle.



The Assault Fitness AirBike is built for almost anyone seeking effective yet rather low-impact total body training. This fitness tool is designed to fit a wide range of heights, and it can’t be outgrown in terms of resistance. In our review it’s a great choice for rehab, cardio training, weight loss and body sculpting.

The Bottom Line

The Assault Fitness AirBike meets military standards and family gym standards. This fitness machine is one of the rare cardio trainers that can really suit almost anyone. Extremely durable and priced under $1000, it’s a top bargain among exercise bikes for residential, light commercial and commercial use.